New Disney World Private Residential Community Lets People Live Inside Fairy Tales

Disney World may be the happiest place on Earth, but once the fun is over, visitors would still have to return to their normal-looking homes.

However, that will soon change as the Disney World Golden Oak community is offering residential homes in a private development, which will be located just four miles from the Magical Kingdom itself.

This is Disney's first-ever opportunity for whole ownership of custom single-family homes at Walt Disney World resort.

The new residential development is located near the natural conservation area in Orlando and covers approximately 980 acres of land, all of which would be allotted both for residential and commercial buildings.

Once the entire development is done, Golden Oak expects to have about 290 houses with varying land sizes.

But what separates this subdivision from others is the themes and styles that Disney offers to prospective homebuyers. For instance, there is an area called Kimball Trace, which is a Tuscan-inspired village that has courtyard houses. Each residential home's land area varies from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.

Meanwhile, there is also the more exclusive Carolwood Reserve, whose Grand Estate homes occupy around 6,500 to 12,000 square feet of area.

For kids and fairy tale fans, there is the Marceline neighborhood where sculptures of different Disney World characters like Snow White and the seven dwarves, and others can be found.

Another neighborhood will also be making its way to the Golden Oak community, and it's called Four Seasons Private Residences. The new neighborhood will offer homes with 6,000-10,000 square feet of land area, and are priced at around $5 million. It will begin development by the end of summer.

For prospective buyers who are looking for a Spanish-style home, the community currently has one for resale at $3 million. While the Spanish theme is not uncommon, what makes it special is the home theater that has a Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

So what can residents enjoy in this new and luxurious private residential community?

Based on the press release, residents will enjoy the privacy and security of a stand-alone home, and avail of the benefits and amenities of a luxury hotel. The community is also near the Four Seasons Resort, which is also part of the commercial development for the location.

The Four Seasons Resort will have five pool areas, six restaurants, tennis courts, and spa facilities.

Aside from the homes themselves, other attractions and amenities include a golf course, Disney Parks tickets that residents can use, and the benefit of Extra Magic Hours. When visiting Disney Parks, they will also enjoy one-day theme park tickets, park transportation, and other theme park attractions that usual guests do not enjoy.

Of course, residents will have access to the community's Summerhouse, which is a 17,000 square foot clubhouse. The clubhouse has a dining area, gaming area, bar, and a swimming pool, and is perfect for holding family and corporate events.

Homeowners can also avail of the community's amenities while inside their homes. They may get in-home services like spa treatment, house cleaning, party dining, and even catering.

For interested buyers, it is worth noting that aside from the actual value of the home, another thing that they should consider is the annual maintenance fees and Club membership dues.

The prices of the homes in Golden Oak's Disney World residential community will start at $2 million, excluding the hefty annual fees and club membership.

Other "towns" that have a fairy tale look and atmosphere include Odense in Denmark and the Fairy Tale Town in Sacramento, although they are merely tourist destinations and not residential locations.

[Photo by Getty Images]