Trevor Noah Says Donald Trump Should Become A Mascot

Trevor Noah, who is suffering low ratings, is doing everything he can to be funny. Noah certainly made anti-Trump people laugh on Monday evening. Entertainment Weekly has the news.

"Trevor Noah, for one, is starting to get fed up with Americans' desire to 'relate' to their president; after all, as he pointed out, Clinton's subway pass difficulties would literally never be an issue in office," the article notes.

As Entertainment Weekly points out, Noah pointed out that because campaign coverage is so shallow, America needs to elect a mascot -- someone just like Donald Trump. After he played a video, Noah received some laughs. However, there wasn't much of a reaction to Noah's joke on Twitter.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
Trevor Noah just can't catch a break these days. [Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]Unfortunately for Trevor, one of the most left-leaning websites, Salon, posted an article on Tuesday titled "Please dump Trevor Noah now: This might be his laziest, most simplistic campaign media coverage yet."

Author Brendan Gauthier sarcastically said that Trevor Noah should get a trophy for finally "realizing" campaign coverage is shallow. The comments after the article are mostly negative towards Noah.

"Ugh! I do not like Trevor Noah, but not because of his coverage of electioneering. He just out and out sucks. He is not funny! His writers give him tutti-fruit-ti material which he proceeds to flatten into tasteless vanilla. His interviews are awful, he has no spark of mental acuity or cleverness that makes for good edge," says Greyredstar.

"Everyone in our house from ages 19 - 62 just decided tonight we are all done with the show. It lacks heart and it's simply not funny anymore. This particular show was AWFUL and we changed the channel half way through the segment," says Rugbymom.

A few weeks back, Variety published a very negative article about The Daily Show, claiming the show lost its teeth under Noah's guidance.

"Under the leadership of new host Trevor Noah, 'The Daily Show' seems to have lost its way — but in the most amiable manner possible. Ever since Noah took over six months ago, the show has assumed an air of easygoing chill. It's not that he doesn't tell reasonably good jokes now and then, but few, if any, are aimed at the jugular. And he rarely loses his expression of gentle bemusement," says columnist Maureen Ryan.

At least Noah earned some praise on Wednesday morning. Salon praised Trevor Noah for his hit piece on Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's "Colored People Time" joke that caused controversy this past weekend. Salon describes the segment in detail.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
Trevor Noah has no problem criticizing fellow liberals when he needs to. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]
"'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah last night weighed in on Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's misguided 'CP time' joke at the Inner Circle Group's annual sketch show last week. 'I get it,' Noah responded to video of the joke with faux-laughter. 'The joke is Bill de Blasio saying he's late like black people always are, and Hillary's saying she doesn't want to be president.'"
Salon added that Trevor Noah then claimed that you know you are not a good joke teller when you are in the midst of a controversy involving comments made about black people. He compared de Blasio and Clinton's joke to a hypothetical situation in Michigan where the governor goes around Flint telling water jokes.

Trevor Noah seems to be doing better as a stand-up comedian than a talk show host these days. Do you think Noah can still revive The Daily Show? Let us know in the comments section.

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