WWE Rumors: A Serious Double-Turn Is Coming For Bray Wyatt And Roman Reigns

Ever since AJ Styles became the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, fans have thought that Roman Reigns was going to be turned heel. The fans are already booing him every chance they get, but there may be more to all of this. The ending of last night's Monday Night Raw may have introduced a whole new twist into the situation as a double-turn may be coming, and Bray Wyatt may turn face.

A couple of weeks ago, AJ Styles won the right to face Reigns next for the WWE Title, and that match has now been made official for Payback. Oddly enough on Monday Night Raw, though, WWE didn't further that feud but chose to go in an entirely different direction.

Styles had a match with Sami Zayn to see if the title match would be made a triple threat match. That won't happen since Styles won, and that was that.

Roman Reigns, on the other hand, got involved with the League of Nations who decided to beat him down during a promo. The Wyatt Family interfered and saved Reigns in a way, but seemed to be simply furthering their feud with the League as recapped by WWE.

wwe rumors heel turn face bray wyatt roman reigns payback
[Image via WWE]This led to Shane McMahon partnering up Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns as a tag team, and they were to face the League of Nations in the main event. As Sky Sports reported, they were a "surprisingly successful" tag team considering they did pick up a big victory.

One of the more interesting things came after (and before) the match when Wyatt and Reigns went face-to-face in a staredown. It's exactly what happened between Wyatt and Triple H before WrestleMania 32, and it was the first time that the "New Face of Fear" finally showed an interest in the WWE Title.

This showdown actually brought about a huge reaction from the fans in the arena as matching Wyatt up against the champ gives them even more of a reason to hate Reigns. It also gives them more of a reason to cheer for Wyatt, and that could bring about his face turn and complete Reigns' heel turn.


wwe rumors heel turn face bray wyatt roman reigns payback league of nations
[Image via WWE]Forbes believes that Bray Wyatt has everything needed to be a top babyface in WWE and that it's a huge money-making idea for the company. That sounds about right, and it could really work on top of that.

Luke Harper is out for a few months due to an injury and successful surgery, but the fans already love him. Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman are a couple of names that fans really haven't caught onto as of yet, but if Bray Wyatt is with them, then the rest of The Wyatt Family is going to be appreciated and get a pop.

Matching Wyatt against Reigns is the easiest possible way for a babyface turn to happen and it solidifies the champ as a heel. The WWE Title match against AJ Styles is one thing, but having Wyatt waiting in the wings is a true way to get it fully over with the fans.

That won't be the fans simply booing Reigns, but doing it for a reason storylines-wise. Get the rumored reunion of The Shield going, and they can be added to a stable including The Wyatt Family, Bullet Club, League of Nations, The New Day, and others.

Roman Reigns has shown signs of turning heel ever since coming out on Modnay Night Raw the night after winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 32. It seems like only a matter of time, and it makes sense. The fans are going to cheer Bray Wyatt no matter what, and it's time he went after the WWE Title. Come on, WWE; pull the double-turn and make the feud happen.

Image via WWE]