‘Overwatch’ Developers Schedule Another Testing Session On Important ‘Battleborn’ Dates

Overwatch, the competitive FPS from Blizzard Entertainment, is welcoming select players to its second closed beta test this weekend. Many more players will have access to this weekend's test in an effort to stress the game's servers before the game releases in late May. Unfortunately, this weekend test coincides with the Battleborn open beta test available to the public.

Although the Battleborn open beta is currently underway on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One players can start testing the game on April 13. The open beta is open to anyone willing to download the client, around nine to 11 gigs according to the Battleborn website, and will conclude on April 18. The Overwatch closed beta test begins on April 15 and ends on April 16 as stated on Battle.net. Many more players are expected to gain access to the closed beta test this weekend, and players can check their Battle.net accounts starting on April 14 to see if they have been selected.

Widowmaker and McCree in Overwatch [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]All 25 heroes are unlockable and playable in the Battleborn open beta and all 21 heroes are playable in the Overwatch closed beta test this weekend. Players with access to both can definitely still enjoy both Overwatch and Battleborn since the closed test is so brief and the Battleborn test will persist for days afterward. Although they may intersect, players looking to try out both Overwatch and Battleborn can do so before their release this way. That is always nice for players looking to make an informed decision before purchasing.

These overlapping schedules are apparently quite common between Overwatch and Battleborn. Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of Overwatch, announced that their open beta would take place on May 3 back in March. This is noteworthy because it is the same day Battleborn launches. Now, during the open beta for Battleborn, the second Overwatch beta test will take place. It is noticeably scheduled on the only weekend that the open beta for Battleborn will be available to all three platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


In March, the Battleborn team and developers Gearbox Software responded to the scheduling of Overwatch's open beta rather playfully, though. As the Inquisitr reported, the official Twitter account for Battleborn posted an adorable image of Toby, the penguin in his mech Berg, with the words "Come at me bro" addressed to the Overwatch account on the same networking site. In regard to the Overwatch closed beta test taking place over the Battleborn open beta weekend, the Battleborn team has yet to comment.

Although these two games may have some similarities, Overwatch and Battleborn offer completely different experiences to those who play them. After all, Battleborn features a full, repeatable story mode while Overwatch only offers competitive matches. Bot matches are available, but they are worth far less experience and currency in Overwatch. In Battleborn, players can practically ignore either the cooperative or competitive modes if they choose while still leveling their characters and accounts at comparable rates. Only lore mastery entries and some challenges require a player to participate in both sides of Battleborn.

Oscar Mike, Mellka, and Miko in Battleborn [Image via Gearbox Software]However, both Overwatch and Battleborn are first-person hero shooters with plenty of maps, large rosters of playable heroes, and a wealth of customization. Players can collect loot in both games to unlock skins and taunts, and those playing Battleborn can even collect gear to improve their performance during a PvE or PvP mission. It is not surprising that the two games are competing for the same demographic of players, but it is unfortunate that the games' testing dates are overlapping so much. That only hurts the players that want to support both titles.

Overwatch releases on May 24 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. As previously stated, Battleborn is set to launch on May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]