WWE Rumors: Longtime WWE Star Reveals When He Is Going To Retire From Wrestling

Early retirement is something that is becoming more and more common in professional sports, and especially in the NFL with the grueling toll it takes on a person's body. Depending on how things go, the same may end up happening more in professional wrestling as well. Now, a longtime WWE superstar has revealed when he plans on retiring, and it seems that Stardust aka Cody Rhodes is going to be done before he gets too old.

While Stardust does have his own official, and quite unique, Twitter account, Cody Rhodes has his own personal account as well. On the account for Stardust, he stays in character and always keeps things going in strange and weird ways.

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[Image via WWE]WrestleZone happened to catch a recent post from Rhodes on his personal account where a fan asked him about opening his own wrestling school. They simply wanted to know if he would pass on the wrestling training of the Rhodes' family.

While it was a normal inquiry during a random question and answer session, he didn't really answer or respond to that particular question. Sure, he gave a response, but he gave a lot more information than what was being asked.

His answer, well, it wasn't one that many expected.

Cody Rhodes is just 30 years old and has a birthday coming up this summer. He's won the Intercontinental Title twice, the WWE Tag Team Championship three times, and the World Tag Team Championship three times. That's not even counting two Slammy Awards he was given in 2010 and then in 2013.

Sure, he doesn't have to wrestle as long as his family members did, but it's still interesting to think that he's already aware of when he wants to hang it up.

As pointed out by SE Scoops, his father Dusty Rhodes wrestled until he was 60 years old. His brother, Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust, is still wrestling currently and he's 46 years old. It certainly doesn't seem as if Goldust believes he's even close to retirement.

There have been rumors about Goldust's retirement, and many thought it would happen a couple of years ago. Well, he refuted those claims and proved them wrong.

wwe rumors cody rhodes stardust retire wrestling dashing
[Image via WWE]During his time in WWE, Cody Rhodes has had a number of gimmicks and tag team partners. Before becoming Stardust, he had been in The Legacy and then was "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and eventually became a part of Team Rhodes Scholars.

He's won Tag Team gold with Drew McIntyre, Goldust (twice), Hardcore Holly, and Ted Dibiase (twice). Stardust more than has the talent to win other titles, but he may never be on the main event level of a John Cena or Randy Orton or Seth Rollins.

Still, he's one of the most talented, entertaining, and consistent talents that WWE has on its roster. Rhodes does pretty much anything and everything that is asked of him, and he does it well without any question.

For those that are fans of Cody Rhodes or Stardust, they had better get their fill of him now and for the next decade. It seems he's pretty sure that his years in a WWE ring are now numbered.

Cody Rhodes is just going to be turning 31 years old this year, and he's already accomplished quite a good bit during his time in WWE which hasn't even hit a decade yet. There is always the possibility that things could change and that Stardust won't even be a gimmick for another 10 years, but Rhodes does seem adamant that his retirement is coming in less than 10.

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