Kate Hudson SnapChats Date With J.J. Watt, Things Heating Up?

Kate Hudson and J.J. Watt has sparked a media firestorm with the SnapChat highlights they've shared of their recent date. Although J.J. was previously starstruck over meeting his longtime crush, Jennifer Aniston, it looks like he now only has eyes for Kate Hudson. There had been rumors about their budding romance, but the latest trending SnapChat video may confirm that Kate Hudson did go on a date with J.J. Watt.

According to News Day, the short clip was shared publicly as Kate Hudson and J.J. enjoyed a fun-filled night. With the help of the video sharing app's graphic enhancements, Kate Hudson created a 40-second, star-studded clip. The SnapChat video begins with an on-screen caption that reads, "JJ don't get no stars….? This is not right," before J.J. appears in the clip with Kate Hudson.

"How come I don't get any stars?" Kate replies, "I don't know." The she laughs as J.J. quips, "Well, I'm not worthy of the stars. I'm not worthy of the stars!" Kate Hudson then joins in on the fun demanding J.J. be given stars. "Snap chat…. Give him some stars!" Watt says humorously, "D***it, Snapchat! Give me stars!" Then, moments later, he says "Apparently, the stars belong to the hottest one on the date."

Here's the SnapChat video that has fans speculating about Kate Hudson and J.J. Watt.

Once it was confirmed that Kate Hudson and J.J. Watt were on an official date, the video quickly began circulating on social media. Now, the SnapChat video has fueled relationship rumors about the seemingly happy couple. So, is Kate Hudson in a relationship with J.J. Watt? Or was it just a date? The rumors still have yet to be confirmed or denied.
Although J.J. has been single for some time, there's one woman not surprised Kate Hudson would be interested in him - his mother. Back in October, J.J. made headlines for his generous contributions to the J.J. Watt Foundation. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, his mother, Connie, doted on him, revealing how he'd be a "great catch for anybody."
"I think J.J. would make such a great catch for anybody, because he is a true down-home person who has such a good heart. What you see is what you get with J.J."
At this point, no one really knows how serious the relationship is between Kate Hudson and J.J. Watt, but fans have definitely shared their reactions to the SnapChat video via Twitter. Many have congratulated Kate Hudson for snagging the strikingly handsome NFL player.
Of course, many fans know this isn't the first time Kate Hudson has dated an athlete. Before J.J. Watt, Kate actually dated Lance Armstrong and rumors also stirred about her connection to MLB star Alex Rodriguez before she began dating Matt Bellamy, according to E! News. Kate Hudson and Matt called off their engagement in December of 2014 after four years of dating. But, since the split, Kate Hudson has been caught in the middle of many dating rumors and was even rumored to be dating Nick Jonas, although the speculation was never confirmed.

However, J.J. Watt's name is relatively new where the Kate Hudson dating rumors are concerned. In fact, he previously shared his perspective of "settling down" and his idea of the perfect woman.

"I want a girl who's passionate, driven, a girl who believes in herself. Basically, I want that relationship where we have that love. I love her so much and she loves me so much, that it's just. You want that relationship where you look into the girl's eyes, and you know that she's everything you've ever wanted. When I find that I'm going to get it!"
So, what's next for Kate Hudson and J.J. Watt? Fans will just have to wait and see how things heat up. Do you think Kate Hudson and J.J. Watt make a great couple? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]