Watch Donald Trump Rally From Rome, New York, Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Trump's April 12 Rally

Viewers can watch the Donald Trump rally from Rome, New York, live online and see if his campaign can continue its momentum in the Empire State.

With less than a week to go until New York's primary, Trump has taken what appears to be a commanding lead over Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Polls have consistently shown Trump with more than 50 percent support among New York voters, putting him more than 20 points up on his rivals. After a series of losses and missteps, a win in New York could be key to putting Trump back on track for the GOP nomination.

Viewers who want to see Donald Trump at his rally in Rome, New York, can follow along at the embedded video below. The rally is scheduled to start Tuesday at 5 p.m.

After suffering a loss in Wisconsin's primary, many pundits openly wondered if Donald Trump's campaign had the staying power to outlast his more politically-seasoned opponents. Those questions grew even louder when Trump's campaign was out-maneuvered in Colorado, where Ted Cruz picked up all of the state's delegates at the state GOP convention. Trump's campaign was beset with problems, scrambling to send its supporters a list of delegates that ended up being filled with spelling mistakes and incorrect voting numbers.

Trump blasted the Colorado process, telling a crowd in Albany, "there's been so much pressure – like in Colorado, which was a total fix. There's so much - the people all wanted to vote. They took away their votes."

"They took away their vote and they gave it to these delegates," Trump said, via Fox News. "I think it's going to come back to haunt them because people aren't going take it anymore. We're not going to take it anymore. It's a corrupt system. It's a totally corrupt, rigged system."

Trump did get a bit of a boost on Tuesday when Missouri's secretary of state officially declared Trump the winner of the state's 12 at-large delegates, CNN reported. The final tally of the March 15 vote showed Trump ahead of Ted Cruz by a razor-thin margin, 40.8 percent to 40.6 percent, but the results held up after a recount and Trump scored an important victory.

Viewers who watch Donald Trump's rally from Rome, New York, live online could also see the GOP frontrunner on the offensive after a series of attack ads have tried to undercut his candidacy. As the New York Times found, the majority of ads in the campaign have been aimed at Trump, and it has gotten more intense as he moved closer to the nomination.
"Of the more than $132 million spent on negative ads by candidates and the groups supporting them, nearly $70 million has gone to commercials assailing Mr. Trump, according to a New York Times analysis of data provided by Kantar Media/CMAG. The sharp focus on a single candidate is especially surprising given the exceptional size of the initial Republican field.

"In addition to Mr. Trump's opponents, three Republican 'super PACs' have made it their main focus to take him down. The Club for Growth, Our Principles PAC and the American Future Fund, all unaligned with any particular candidate, have spent more than $23.5 million on negative ads against him."

Trump is being attacked from all angles, the report found.

"What is unusual and unprecedented is the array of advertisers who are out there flogging Trump on the air," said Elizabeth Wilner, a senior vice president at Kantar Media/CMAG. "You have general election foes attacking him, you have his primary foes attacking him, and you have specific groups whose whole focus in life is just to make sure that he's not the nominee."

Viewers who miss the live streaming video of Donald Trump's rally from Rome, New York, can catch a full replay of the April 13 event at the embedded video above.

[Picture by Scott Olson/Getty Images]