Study Says For Sexier Dreams, Sleep On Your Stomach

Melissa Stusinski - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 9:10 p.m. ET

Stomach sleepers tend to have sexier dreams than those who fall asleep in other positions, according to a recent study published in the journal Dreaming.

Along with the sexy dreams, sleepers also reported dreams of them being tied up, being locked up, and being unable to move, reports The Daily Mail.

Researchers believe that the increase in sexy thoughts could be the result of sleepers getting less air than if they were to sleep in other positions, meaning that their mind is imagining being constricted while the subject is asleep.

Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, of Shue Yan University in Hong Kong spoke with 670 students, two-thirds of which were women, asking them to fill out surveys about their dreams.

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Details included how often they had dreams, how intense they were, and what themes came up. He also had them write down how they slept, on their sides, face down, or face up. The Herald Sun notes that Kai-Ching Yu said of the results:

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“This study provides the evidence that dream experiences, and in particular dream content, can be influenced by body posture during sleep. I believe that the brain during sleep is not at all totally detached from the external world, and stimuli, including those stemming from the environment, are probably incorporated into dream content more often than people observe or are aware of. The unconscious brains of the dreamers try to make sense, and even make use of, the external stimuli.”

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Among the other themes, Kai-Ching Yu also noted that stomach sleepers most often experienced erotomania dreams, meaning they dreamt that they had a secret admirer, most often a famous person.

Do you experience sexy dreams when you sleep on your stomach?

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