‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Disses Leah Messer After She Accidentally Leaves Their Daughter In Her Car?

Jeremy Calvert has seemingly grown frustrated by the footage of his ex-wife’s parenting on Teen Mom 2.

After the airing of the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 season 7, a fan tweeted a video clip of Leah Messer seemingly leaving her daughter, Adalynn Faith, 3, in the car, and a short time later, Jeremy Calvert re-tweeted the post to his own fans and followers.

In the clip, Leah Messer is seen leaving her vehicle and heading towards a building. However, before she reaches the entrance to the building, she turns around and heads back to her car, where her daughter may or may not have been waiting alone. Although one commenter suggester Messer’s mother was in the car with her, she was not captured in the scene.

Although Jeremy Calvert didn’t add a comment to the post when he shared it with his fans, he can’t be happy about the possibility of his ex-wife mistakenly leaving his child unattended.

Jeremy Calvert married Leah Messer in April, 2012, and one year later, in February, 2013, their daughter was born. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, and as fans saw on Teen Mom 2, they often feuded during season 5 due to Jeremy Calvert’s busy work schedule. Then, during season 6, the couple parted ways after about three years of marriage.

Since their split, Messer has claimed that she and Jeremy Calvert are on great terms with one another, and even said that his interactions with Corey Simms have been completely fake. After an episode of the show aired last year, which featured Jeremy Calvert and Simms chatting about Messer’s alleged drug problem, Messer told fans that Jeremy Calvert hated Simms, and alleged that the scene was nothing more than a scripted set-up.

Still, Jeremy Calvert and Simms have appeared to remain close, and were recently spotted in New York City together with Jeremy Calvert’s girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, and Simms’ wife, Miranda.

Jeremy Calvert Defends Girlfriend Brooke Wehr On Twitter, Planning To Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’? https://t.co/KfFIAuh27K

— Teen Mom Update (@TeenMomUpdate) March 27, 2016

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Jeremy Calvert’s ex-wife continues to blame producers for allegations of drug use and bad parenting on the show.

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough,” Messer told fans.

“I DID hit rock bottom but I come out of it and I was willing to air it ALL because if just ONE person watched and reached out for HELP even when they feel so ALONE that’s all I cared about because I could NEVER imagine ANYONE feeling the pain, hurt, depression AND anxiety that I WAS suffering from,” Messer continued. “It would break my heart! I wanted to bring awareness and HELP others and if MTV couldn’t share that then I will do it on my own the way God wants me to!!!!”

Jeremy Calvert’s former wife, Messer, ended her recent rant on Twitter by telling fans they will soon see who she “really” is.

“It hurts to feel BETRAYED by the ones I THOUGHT I could trust with my story. It goes to show you how ‘THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD’ really is and I guess everyone will see where I REALLY am starting episode 4,” she explained.

For more of Jeremy Calvert and his family, tune into Teen Mom 2 season 7 on Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV, and check out a sneak peek at next week’s new episode below.

[Photo via Jeremy Calvert/Twitter]