Emma Thompson Poses Naked With Dead Fish, Tackles LGBTQ Discrimination In Schools

Emma Thompson is a veteran actress who, in addition to being hugely talented, is regarded as both elegant and stylish. And at the age of 56, Emma Thompson has geared up to play a role of an aging hippie in an upcoming movie named Yen Din Ka Kissa, which means “The Story of the Day” in Hindi.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Emma Thompson was seen donning a garish multicolored wardrobe on the set of the movie.

And it seems that the Emma Thompson’s colorful hippie personality in the movie bears a resemblance to her actual personality because she is a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ movement, which is represented by a colorful rainbow flag indicating inclusivity. Recently, Emma Thompson announced that she was in favor of the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign, which aims to end homophobia in schools. The campaign calls for a new approach to tackling the issue of discrimination in schools. The Daily Mail reported that Emma Thompson spoke about the need to abolish homophobia once and for all.

“The time for homophobia is long gone. It’s over.”

The endorsement by Thompson came at a time when research outcomes revealed that one in four young LGBTQ people had attempted suicide after being harassed for their sexual orientation. The authorities at TIE were delighted that Emma Thompson has decided to support their campaign to urge the next Scottish Government to deal with homophobia in schools. Luckily for organizers of the campaign, Emma Thompson has decided that this is an issue that is close to her heart and one that she is willing to lend her considerable star power towards.

Emma Thompson agrees that it is worrisome to see that education on LTGBQ issues is not on the agenda of any public leaders in the current parliamentary election campaign. TIE is hopeful that Emma Thompson’s support will encourage political leaders to start dealing with the issues faced by LGBTQ youth in school.

Apart from fighting homophobia in schools, the Oscar-winning actress is also campaigning against overfishing and pollution of the oceans, which is destroying the marine creatures in the seas.

Forbes reported that Emma Thompson and her husband, Greg Wise, have joined the Fishlove campaign by posing naked with two deep-sea black scabbardfish.

The Fishlove campaign is an ongoing campaign to create awareness about destructive fishing practices. The couple was supported by nine other British celebrities who posed naked with various dead marine creatures to raise awareness about the Fishlove campaign. The images of the nude celebrities holding endangered marine animals are featured in the Fishlove Theatre Series Campaign, and the project is undertaken in association with the famous seafood restaurant J Sheekey Oyster Bar in London’s Covent Garden. The photos were put on display at the restaurant and have been for sale since March 24.

Some critics have raised doubts about the effectiveness of the campaign as they feel that posing naked with dead marine animals won’t serve the purpose, and that there are more effective ways to drive the campaign. However, Emma Thompson and her husband defended their participation in the campaign by highlighting the message that there is a great necessity to stop overfishing and pollution of the ocean in order to preserve marine fauna. The overall message of the campaign is that deep-sea fishing must stop, as it is unnecessary and destructive.

Emma Thompson’s aim in participating in these two important campaigns is to appeal to the younger generations to be aware of various global communities. She urges the younger generations to have a mature outlook and make efforts to create an inclusive society, to appreciate diversity, and care about the ocean ecosystems. She feels that it is neither cool nor intelligent to resort to homophobic bullying and it is high time that these old-fashioned practices are eradicated once and for all.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]