LeeAnne Locken Talks ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Co-Stars: Are They Right About Her?

LeeAnne Locken is the one housewife who is making headlines after last night’s premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnna, a self-proclaimed carny kid, was so outspoken that her co-stars had plenty to say, both to her face and behind her back. But it sounds like LeeAnne is used to being judged and misunderstood, so she wasn’t surprising that her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars had their opinions about her.

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken is now speaking out about being a carny kid and how people have misunderstood her for years. As it turns out, people confused being a carny kid with a circus kid and Locken used to tell people that she just stole their money. She wasn’t an entertainer.

“It was the first time I experienced what would be a lifelong journey of being misunderstood. My summers on the carnival taught me one of my best traits to this day — a strong work ethic! Getting things done on the charity circuit requires a strong work ethic and great connections!” LeeAnne Locken revealed about being asked to perform. And it sounds like that experience gave her the confidence to handle criticism.

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During the first episode, LeeAnne Locken was criticized by her co-stars for being outspoken. There was a huge discussion about charity work, and LeeAnne admitted that she loves doing charity work. She even said that she often goes to charity events all the time, sometimes three events in a single night. But Locken’s charity efforts weren’t necessarily supported by her co-stars.

“Honestly, their behavior didn’t upset me that much at the trunk show at all. I knew that they were younger and ‘just wanted to have fun.’ That’s just not how I view charity most of the time. As far as them calling me loud, um, hello! Is thing on?? I AM LOUD! Stay tuned and you might find out why! Egotistical? Hilarious! They didn’t know me then, and only one of them has taken the time to try to know me now. #JourneyOfBeingMisunderstood #WaterOffADucksBack,” LeeAnne revealed about her co-stars.

As it turns out, Locken doesn’t think that her co-stars understand the requirements that she has as a chair for various charities. LeeAnne explains that working with charities is actually a full-time job and she really feels that she works all the time. But the ladies are questioning her motives and some just seem to think that she’s just doing charity events for the sake of having a party and being the queen of her events. But LeeAnne doesn’t see it that way.

“Brandi doesn’t understand the obligations of an Honorary Chair. I was asked to share my story, which related to the fact that as a teenager I have already buried someone I considered to be my older brother from AIDS, and his younger brother is HIV Positive. My story was beyond relevant. If they had only listened with their hearts and not their heads! I raise a tremendous amount of funds in the LGBT Community in Dallas, and I won’t stop until shame is removed from every HIV+ person around! #MyHeartSong,” Locken reveals.

Locken was also accused of being insensitive with some comments, but she’s more motivated than ever to continue her charitable efforts.

The first episode of the show was very telling about who are friends and who may be on the outs. Even though Locken may be on the outside of the group, it sounds like she’s strong enough to handle the criticism.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken after watching the first episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas?

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