Radiohead Makes Music Video With Director Paul Thomas Anderson

Radiohead dropped an announcement about their world tour recently, and they have kept fans guessing on when their new album will be released. Now word has slipped out that the British band teamed up with film director Paul Thomas Anderson for an upcoming music video.

Details about the music video is all hush-hush, but comedian Stefanie Wilder-Taylor spilled the beans on a recent podcast, as reported on Nerdist. Wilder-Taylor mentioned on her For Crying Out Loud show that Anderson and Radiohead used her home to film their music video.

A production crew randomly picked Wilder-Taylor's home from their scouting trip before approaching her to get her permission to shoot. Afterwards, Anderson came to the home, and Wilder-Taylor got to meet the acclaimed director.

"Here's the cool part. Then the next day, [someone from the production] goes, I wanna bring the director by your house…this guy comes in, says 'Hey, this is the director, Paul'…really normal looking guy. Then I say, 'Hey, you look kind of familiar, have we met?' Do you make anything apart from music videos?'"
Anderson, who's famous for making films like Magnolia and Boogie Nights, responded to Wilder-Taylor by saying that he also makes films such as the award-winning There Will Be Blood. Wilder-Taylor responded back by blurting out an expletive, which made the story amusing.

director Paul Thomas Anderson, Radiohead music video
Director Paul Thomas Anderson [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]Unfortunately, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor violated a non-disclosure agreement by discussing the story and Radiohead music video shoot on her podcast. The violation caused Wilder-Taylor to remove her latest podcast from her website, but many people got the word out that Radiohead has a new music video in the works.

Despite the news leak, Radiohead fans still don't know the title of the future music video. It was mentioned on the podcast that the video has a theme that deals with doorways.

Paul Thomas Anderson is not new to directing music videos, and when he first started out in his career, he was a production assistant on film and music video sets. Anderson's first music video was for Michael Penn's song "Try" in 1997. Anderson also directed several videos for his former girlfriend, Fiona Apple, including "Across the Universe," "Fast as You Can," and "Limp."

Anderson recently directed a music video for Joanna Newsom and her song "Sapokanikan." Newsom was the narrator for his last film, Inherent Vice, which received good reviews.

Radiohead has been on a music hiatus since 2012, after their King of Limbs tour. In February 2014, the band released an app for iOS and Android users called PolyFauna that mixes music and imagery from the King of Limbs recording sessions.

Radiohead members have kept themselves busy during the hiatus. Lead singer Thom Yorke released a second solo album in September 2014 titled Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. Drummer Philip Selway released his own solo album Weatherhouse in October 2014.

Radiohead's lead guitarist and keyboardist Jonny Greenwood collaborated with Paul Thomas Anderson on multiple projects. Greenwood did the score for Anderson's films like There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice, and The Master. Anderson filmed Greenwood in 2015 in a documentary called Junun, which focuses on Greenwood recording his solo album in India.

Radiohead did record a song, "Spectre," that they released on Christmas Day 2015 on the audio streaming site SoundCloud for free. The band recorded the song for the James Bond film of the same name; according to Yorke, the film's executives decided not to use the song, but Radiohead enjoyed working on the song and released it on their own accord, as reported on BBC News.

Back in March, Radiohead announced that they are doing a 2016 world tour from May to October. The band has hinted that they've been busy recording a new album, but there's no release date yet. In the meantime, fans will have to wait a little more for Radiohead to give out more news about their new album and music video.

[Photo by Marc Grimwade/Getty Images]