Amy Duggar’s Husband Dillon King Sued For $50,000 In Unpaid Medical Bills

Amy Duggar’s husband is in a bit of financial trouble, but, of course, Amy and Dillon aren’t speaking out about it at all yet. The news came out, but the couple is still quiet about the details. Radar Online shared that Dillon King is now in trouble and has been sued for $50,000 in unpaid medical bills. Arkansas’ Benton County Circuit Court documents say that he failed to pay Bentonville’s Northwest Medical Center $51,940.53 that he owes from over a year ago when he was involved in a car accident.


The court documents state exactly what happened with Amy Duggar’s husband. Here is what they revealed.

“The Plaintiff demanded of Defendants that said items be paid for in full on numerous occasions including: at or immediately following the time of providing the various items; within the 30 day period following the providing of said items; on or about June 26, 2015; and on numerous other occasions since said items were provided.”

Amy Duggar shared that her husband, Dillon King, was in a car accident last year. Amy’s husband had a broken femur and was in the hospital from January 22 to January 25, 2015. At this time, the hospital is saying that Dillon King needs to pay his bill. Amy’s husband owes the big bill, but he also owes $7,791.07 in attorneys’ fees, $2,134.54 in interest, and a 6 percent interest rate from March 2, 2016, until the judgment date.


At this time, Dillon King owns his own business, Wet Ink Design. As seen on 19 Kids and Counting, Amy Duggar is working on becoming a country music singer, but if she has another job, Amy hasn’t shared what she is doing. They are not on the show at all anymore, which means there is no income from TLC for Amy.

The Facebook page Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray shared some more details about this lawsuit that Amy Duggar’s husband is dealing with right now. Amy and Dillon have taken several expensive vacations this year, and Amy even got a new car recently. They have not bought a house, but Amy and Dillon are renting a house from Grandma Duggar. Amy made it sound like the accident was not Dillon’s fault when it happened, so there is no word on why insurance isn’t helping to pay for this wreck and his hospital bills.

Radar Online shared about the accident back in January of 2015. At this time, Amy and Dillon were not married yet, but they were very serious, and she was by his side during the entire time. Amy shared the details of his wreck after it happened.

“He had a head one collision yesterday, someone drove directly into his lane and hit him at 45 mph. He has a broken femur, he has an 18-inch rod in his leg!”

Amy Duggar stayed with him the entire time in the hospital and even had a Bible study going on there. Of course, Dillon is doing better now, but for some reason, they never took care of the bill for all of the time that they spent in the hospital.

Are you surprised to hear that Amy Duggar’s husband, Dillon King, is now dealing with a lawsuit? Do you think that he will find a way to pay off the debt? Sound off in the comments below. At this time, the Duggar family is airing their new show Jill & Jessa: Counting On Tuesday nights on TLC. So far, Amy Duggar hasn’t been on this show at all.

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