Ashley Darby Admits She Wasn’t Living Her Own Truth: ‘Now I Am Incredibly Proud’

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby may have been the youngest woman on the show, but it sounds like she was also the easy target when it came to drama. Ashley didn’t take things too seriously, and she didn’t really care too much about the Potomac etiquette. While Darby really wanted to fit into the social circle in Potomac, it sounds like that isn’t something on her to-do list these days.

According to a new Bravo report, Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby is now revealing that she doesn’t always take her own advice. As she points out, Gizelle keeps trying to be something she’s not, and Darby admits that she’s had some similar beauty issues, where she’s changed up her look and not owned who she really was.

“I feel like Gizelle decided to back track after being called out on her s***. She makes a great deal of effort to make herself look more European, including straightening her hair and dying it blonde. Sure, everyone is entitled to look the way they want but it’s completely wrong to mock others’ choices,” Ashley Darby reveals about Gizelle, who has been accused of putting out one image and then being something else.

As Katie Rost pointed out during the reunion, Bryant rents her home but makes it seem like she owns her home.

But Darby admits that she feels the same way sometimes, as she had some confidence issues with her own hair. In fact, Ashley admits that she was wrong at times, as she was preaching to others about being themselves and being who they are but wasn’t taking that advice herself.

“It took me quite some time to get comfortable with my curls, especially when I made the leap two years ago. I was worried my husband would look at me differently, as I would not have the same appearance as when he met me four years prior. But I was preaching to other people about being true to themselves, while I wasn’t living my own truth. Now I am incredibly proud of my natural hair and rock it all the time! Women like Gizelle, who reference themselves in third person and take a million selfies, need to go on a journey of self-love and get comfortable with the lifelong vehicle they’ve been given to drive,” Ashley Darby points out in her blog.

Of course, Ashley didn’t just have beef with Gizelle. Darby also had issues with Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger. Ashley admitted that she had Googled her co-stars, and she didn’t mean to share Robyn’s financial situation on live television. She admits that she didn’t realize how much it would hurt her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star.

“As I’ve said before, I don’t regret googling anyone but I feel bad about gossiping about Robyn’s financial situation. When we talked about it, I felt that it was a time for her to be honest with me. Here we are getting to know each other and if this is affecting your interaction with me, please just put me in the loop. I’d much rather that than the frequent side eye. Gizelle will always stand by her ignorant comments because she is afraid of looking dumb. But I’m just a CAWT – cute ass wife there. Thanks for playing!” Ashley Darby reveals on her blog, sharing that she does feel bad about blasting her co-star’s personal problems.

Dixon later opened up about her financial issues and shared that a good friend of hers had stolen her money and then later committed suicide.

What do you think of Ashley Darby’s decision to come clean about not living her own truth? What do you think of Ashley this season?

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