‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Preview Of Negan’s Brutal Beating Revealed?

The Walking Dead Season 7 won’t air on TV until October, but that’s not stopping fans from scouring the internet in hopes of finding out which character was brutally beaten to death by Negan in the Season 6 finale.

While it may be nearly impossible to figure out exactly who Negan’s victim was, Walking Dead fans may have gotten a little preview of the gruesome death this week, thanks to Greg Nicotero, the show’s special effects guru and director.

Uproxx reports that in Nicotero’s recent Instagram post he shows a test of an exploding head, which could be used in the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere when Negan is actually shown bashing one of the beloved characters’ heads in. If so, it will be hard for fans to watch a character they love and adore getting beaten so badly that their head caves in.

The Walking Dead Negan [Image via AMC]In the video, the fake head is exploding and water and compressed air are being used instead of fake blood. However, when Walking Dead fans see this method used on the show, it is sure to be a blood bath. Of course, this special effect may be used for a walker during the season, but many are already anticipating that it will be a member of Rick’s group we see suffer this terrible fake fate.

As many Walking Dead fans already know, it is Glenn Rhee who is brutally beaten to death by Negan in the comic book series. That is why so many viewers have a feeling that Glenn was also Negan’s victim in the season 6 finale. Although multiple theories have been revealed by fans, it seems the consensus is that Glenn is gone come Season 7.

It seems that The Walking Dead has been foreshadowing Glenn’s death since the first season with Glenn being beaten by a bat in Season 1 by the men that kidnapped him, nearly having his head bashed in at Terminus, finding, and carrying around a bat in Noah’s former neighborhood, and of course, being the one to find the photos of Negan’s victims at The Savior’s hide out. In fact, Glenn’s death has been foreshadowed so much, that some fans believe it could all be stunt to make us believe it was Glenn who dies, and then have Negan kill another character such as Daryl Dixon.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: Who does Negan kill? [Image via AMC]Rumors are flying that it was Daryl who was beaten by Negan’s scary looking, barbed wire bat named Lucille in the Season 6 finale. Daryl is not in the comic book series, and that means he can suffer any fate at any time, and fans will have no idea that it’s coming as they have nothing to compare it to. Unfortunately, Daryl is arguably the show’s most popular character, and if he dies many fans have threatened to stop watching the series altogether.

Although Glenn and Daryl are the fans’ top picks as Negan’s victim on The Walking Dead, there has been another name mentioned as a possible victim and that’s Abraham. Abraham’s comic book death, an arrow through the head, was given to Dr. Denise just a couple of episodes before Negan’s big introduction. That, and the fact that Abraham had a very emotional episode with new girlfriend Sasha, and best friend Eugene, has many fans believing that Abraham is the one that Negan has killed.

No matter which character is the one to get Negan’s bat, if their head explodes like in Greg Nicotero’s Instagram post, fans are in for a really gory, shocking, and upsetting Season 7 premiere in October.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers?

Crazy exploding head test using compressed air and water instead of fake blood

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