‘Southern Charm’ Star Shep Rose Says He’s Not Hypocritical

Southern Charm star Shep Rose may be a great friend for some people, but he may be too much for others. On the previous season of Southern Charm, Shep was very vocal about his friend Craig Conover. Craig didn’t come from money, and he was working hard to start a career in the law field. But he wasn’t exactly working hard enough, as he was fired from his job for partying late every night. And while Rose has a family fortune to fall back on, he was being very vocal about his friend and his life decisions.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Shep Rose decided to stop by Watch What Happens Live, and callers asked him about his own behavior. Was Rose being hypocritical with Craig, as he kept pushing him to get a job when he isn’t working himself? Shep has revealed several times that he has family money and doesn’t need to work.

“I’m not hypocritical on his work ethic. I just thought he was a little bit too big for his breeches, and I think he would agree. He was kind of a jerk last year,” Shep revealed while visiting Watch What Happens Live Monday night, adding, “But my job as a friend is to give somebody a hard time.”

Many Southern Charm fans thought that Rose was being too harsh with Craig, but he reveals that he is just talking to Craig like guys talk to one another. He claims that women just don’t understand how guys talk to one another.

“Women don’t understand men’s relationships,” Rose revealed, adding that how they communicate is just how men talk to one another, revealing, “We’re hard on each other. We don’t take it personally. We razz each other.”

Last season, Shep Rose revealed that he was very frustrated with Conover. During an auction night for a charity, he revealed that Conover was just being a rude and miserable person. Of course, Conover was under tremendous pressure last season, as he was losing his motivation for his law career. And Shep Rose was ready to call him out during his negative outbursts.

“His behavior was insufferable all night…he was a nightmare a lot of the time,” Shep told Bravo last year, adding about the lesson he learned this season.

“Maybe to mind my own business, at the end of the day we are often punished for our kindnesses. And it appears Craig came back to bite me,” he revealed, according to Bravo.

He also said he had no regrets, sharing, “Not really, I don’t really look back very often, it’s all water under the bridge.”

But Shep wasn’t the only person who was out to help Conover last season of Southern Charm. Whitney Sudler-Smith also decided to bring up Conover’s lack of motivation in front of his parents. And he wasn’t happy about his friends’ decision to bring everything out in the open.

“I just can’t believe how rude he was. Sure, he had had a little to drink, but I thought he would be able to handle himself a little better. My parents are awesome, so not much bothers them, but this was the first time they had met Whitney, and I didn’t want them to be like, ‘so this is the type of person that Craig is associating himself with now. Uh-oh.’ It just didn’t appear to be from a good place. It looked like he was trying to call me out and entertain himself with some dinner table drama,” Craig revealed on his blog for the show last season, according to Bravo.

Do you think Shep Rose is hypocritical?

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