WWE News: Update On The Debut Of Doc Gallows And Karl Anderson, What’s Next For Them?

WWE RAW after WrestleMania 32 saw many new names make their debut to WWE’s main roster. It is usually a time for debuts each year, so we all expected to see a ton of new guys. There were two men who did not appear, however, and many fans expected them to do so. They were even backstage for WWE SmackDown and were not used. Those two men were Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

We expected to see them at any point, so when word came out that the two were in LA for WWE RAW this week, it made sense that they would appear last night. Obviously, they ended up doing so, and the rest is history. For most fans, it was considered a great debut, as they took out one of the most popular tag teams in the WWE, the Usos. Both brothers are multi-time WWE Tag Team Champions and considered one of the best teams in WWE today.

They ended up moving on in the new WWE Tag Team Tournament with their win, so it will be interesting to see if the two can move on after the beat down Gallows and Anderson put on them. There is a rumor that this beatdown was done as a way to write the former Bullet Club members into WWE programming, where they could take the spot of the fallen Usos. Of course, that is uncertain as of now.

Gallows Anderson
image via WWE

According to PWInsider, the two men are scheduled for all upcoming WWE shows. That said, there is a good shot that they are inserted into the tournament in some way. If they are not, it will be interesting to see what WWE does with them. It was thought beforehand that the two would not make their debut until Finn Balor’s official call-up. Balor remains in WWE NXT and it is uncertain when he will be called up.

WWE will, of course, be pairing him up with Gallows and Anderson. Doc Gallows has been with WWE in the past, but his transformation over the last number of years puts him in a different class over what he did while he was with WWE. Meanwhile, Karl Anderson has never worked for WWE but has been sought after for some time. The two clearly stand out on their own, but together they are amazing to watch. This is why WWE wanted to bring them in as a group or tag team.

image via NJPW

Some think that WWE will put them with AJ Styles, but it would not make a lot of sense now especially. AJ is a babyface and using them to help him would turn him heel. In a time where it appears they want to slowly turn Roman Reigns, the heel turn for Styles would not make a ton of sense storyline wise. That means if they pair up with anyone, it will be the NXT Champion Finn Balor.

The problem is that Balor remains in NXT while Doc and Karl are on the main roster. We very well could see Balor down the line. It was rumored that he could come up soon, but Triple H wanted to keep Balor down on NXT a little while longer. That said, Balor may be held back until the next NXT Takeover special. Either that or he could appear after WWE Payback. As of now, there are various possibilities for him it seems. As for Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, we can expect WWE to treat them very well tag team wise until there is a plan for them to pair up with a demon or phenomenal talent.

[Image via WWE]