Steve Miller Blasts Recording Industry As ‘Gangsters And Crooks’ Who Steal From Artists

Steve Miller’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems to have unleashed his wrath at the entire recording industry. After his highly-publicized rant immediately after his Rock Hall induction, Steve Miller spoke to Rolling Stone about his feelings on the entire music industry and why he won’t be recording any more albums with record companies.

“I don’t think about it at all,” Miller said of the possibility of future albums with his record company. “There is no record business. I record a lot of things. There is no record business. There’s no reason for me to spend any money producing stuff [for] a record company.”

In an expletive-filled rant, Steve Miller blasted the record industry execs and reps who’ve made money off of him over his 50-year career, yet never bothered to meet him until last week’s Rock Hall inauguration.

“All the people that were sitting in the front row tonight, like the guy that came from my record company, I wanted to pull him by his necktie and kick him in the nuts,” Steve said. “He’s made a billion dollars off my work over the last 50 years and the mother**cker just came over and introduced himself tonight. That cheery little thing. You know he won’t do any contract work, he won’t clean anything up, he won’t get anything done.”

Steve Miller also said the entire music industry “sucks” and he labeled the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a boys-only club of money grubbing fat cats.

“This whole industry f**king sucks and this little get-together you guys have here is like a private boys’ club and it’s a bunch of jack*sses and jerks and f**king gangsters and crooks who’ve f**king stolen everything from a f**king artist. Telling the artist to come out here and tap dance.”

Indeed, Steve Miller was far from finished ripping the Rock and Roll Hall of fame just days after he was inducted into it. In fact, “The Joker” singer said the entire process needs to be redesigned, starting from who is invited to how long bands can play at the ceremony. Miller described the organization as “an amateur production” loaded with cumbersome phone calls and a bunch of paperwork.

“The licensing still isn’t signed and isn’t complete,” Miller added. “Everybody is kind of a d*ck and an a**hole. And every artist you talk to will tell you that. You’re lucky that everybody didn’t f**king walk out. It was very, very close. If you’re an investigative reporter, get f**king busy. K? Got enough?

Considering how disgruntled he was with the whole process, it’s surprising Steve Miller even showed up for it. But the rock legend revealed that he did it for his fans who do take the honor seriously. Still, Steve also challenged the organization to come clean about their process.

“If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wants to be taken seriously, they need to put their books out in the public,” Miller said. “They need to f**king become transparent. They need to stop lying. They need to stop all the bullsh*t and they need to clean it up and they need to expand it. They need to include a lot more people. And the most important thing is the f**king board of this organization really needs to enlarge their gene pool.”

While he clearly hates the process, it’s Steve Miller’s opinion that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should include a lot more artists. In an interview with Cleveland Plain Dealer, Steve Miller said the Hall of Fame is too “elitist” and he rattled off several deserving classic rockers that still aren’t a part of the organization, including the Moody Blues and Boz Scaggs. And Miller disagreed with fellow classic rocker Gene Simmons’ opinion that rap artists like N.W.A. don’t belong in the group, emphatically saying there is a place for hip-hop there.

“Hip-hop belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s one of the most radical, revolutionary and reactionary music there is. What do you think the ’60s were?”

Take a look at the video below to see Steve Miller slamming the Rock Hall immediately after his induction ceremony.

[Photo By Theo Wargo/Getty Images]