Miley Cyrus And Adam Levine Clash On The Set Of ‘The Voice,’ Gwen Stefani ‘Likely’ To Return For Season 11?

The Voice is gearing up for some major changes as the series prepares for its eleventh season. Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams are not returning as judges in the fall, and producers have already hired Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys as replacements. While fans voice their disappointment with the show’s decision to exclude Gwen Stefani, Cyrus and Adam Levine continue to feud on-set.

Cyrus was featured as an adviser in the current season of The Voice. According to Us Magazine, she did not get along with Levine during her time on set. In fact, an insider told the outlet that Cyrus and Levine “totally butted heads,” which does not bode well for Season 11.

“They both have short attention spans. They find each other annoying. Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

The notion that Levine and Cyrus are fighting because of their personalities is not surprising. After all, E! Online is reporting that both Levine and Cyrus are very confident individuals, with the former not being the friendliest person on the planet. The fact that the two are more alike than different is probably one reason why they can’t stand each other’s company.

Miley Cyrus announced her gig on The Voice with a cheeky pic on social media. [Image via Instagram] Miley Cyrus announced her gig on The Voice with a cheeky pic on social media. [Image via Instagram]Of course, Cyrus’ feud with Levine is only going to get worse when she gets a chair of her own in Season 11. This is especially true if she gets along with Blake Shelton, who is Levine’s biggest rival on the show. How their constant fighting will impact fans is yet to be seen, though the decision to include Cyrus as a judge was a calculated move.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Miley Cyrus was hired to attract a younger demographic to the show. Right now, Cyrus is popular among millennials, and there is little doubt that her part on the series will help to attract a younger viewership. This is one reason why producers decided to go with Cyrus instead of Stefani, yet many fans are not happy with this decision.

Blake Shelton Didn't Want Gwen Stefani On 'The Voice' For Season 11, Country Crooner Feels 'Smothered'? [Image via NBC] Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on the set of The Voice. [Image via NBC Universal]Ever since The Voice announced the departure of Williams and Aguilera, fans have wanted Stefani to return as a full-time judge. Several fans have taken to social media to express their disapproval with the decision to exclude Stefani for another year. Will their complaints be enough to reinstate Stefani as a judge in Season 11?

“I love Miley but can we have Gwen back on The Voice instead,” one fan noted on Twitter.

The Voice is trash until they bring Gwen back for good sorry I don’t make the rules,” another Twitter fan wrote.

“@NBCTheVoice I am so disappointed in The Voice. I love the coaches + Gwen,” a fan shared on Twitter. “Why are you bringing in Miley Cirrus (Cyrus) trying to go the way of Idol.”

At this point, it is unclear whether or not Stefani will return to the series in the fall. However, The Wrap is reporting that there is a good chance that fans will see Stefani in a chair when The Voice returns for Season 11.

'The Voice' Adviser Gwen Stefani With Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani served as Blake Shelton’s mentor this season on The Voice. [Image via NBC Universal]A source close to the situation explained to the outlet that Stefani’s return is “likely,” though it is not clear how the other judges will shake out. With so much negative reaction from fans, it appears as though producers are willing to reconsider the makeup of the judges next season, and that might include bringing Stefani back into the mix.

So far, nothing officially has been announced on the matter. Whatever ends up happening, fans can definitely expect things to heat up next season, especially if Cyrus and Levine continue to fight.

Season 10 of The Voice continues Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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