Sarah Palin Vs. Bill Nye Showdown Canceled, Scientist Backs Out Of Global Warming Debate

Val Powell - Author

Apr. 12 2016, Updated 2:44 a.m. ET

Sarah Palin is reportedly backing a new global warming skeptic film called Climate Hustle, an independently produced documentary which aims to expose the truth behind climate change. An advocacy group denying the existence of global warming has announced that Palin will be included in a panel that will discuss climate change as part of the upcoming screening of Climate Hustle.

The documentary film, produced by Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and Marc Morano’s, is scheduled for a screening on May 2 at over a hundred theaters nationwide, and Palin is set to participate in the panel discussion that will follow.

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Sarah Palin is Endorsing this Anti-Climate Change Film

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“People who do not believe in American exceptionalism have made this into a campaign issue, so it’s vital that the other side be heard,” Sarah Palin said of her participation in a recent interview with Variety.

She told the site that she was “pleased” that this frightening environmental issue will be explained in a manner that will be easily understood by almost everybody. “I’m very pleased that this is written and spoken in layman’s terms,” Palin said. “My dad taught science to fifth and sixth graders, and it was very important to him that science be presented in an understandable way.”

The event will also feature Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, who made news last year after accusing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials of manipulating certain data in order to show the emergence of global warming.

It was initially reported that “Science Guy” Bill Nye will also attend the film screening and participate in the discussion alongside Palin, but his rep said he was not invited to be on the panel. Instead, clips of Nye’s interview will be shown at the event.

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Bill Nye Talks About What He Thinks About Climate Change

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Climate Hustle aims to deconstruct theories that surround global warming. Nye’s participation is one of the exciting parts of the event, as he is known for his smart and coherent scientific explanations. He has also challenged climate change skeptics in the past, and a debate between Sarah Palin and Bill Nye would have been very interesting; unfortunately, the “Science Guy” will not be appearing in person.

The discussion will be moderated by Former Media Research Center President Brent Bozell.

Speaking about her participation in the panel, Palin told Variety that it is time for people to hear the other side of the argument so that everyone would not easily trust the media. The 2008 vice presidential nominee believes that the documentary will serve as an eye-opener.

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“I’m very passionate about this issue,” Sarah Palin began. “We’ve been told by fear-mongers that global warming is due to man’s activities, and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way,” she said of the documentary.

Palin, known for her unsupported arguments about climate change, previously shrugged off the issue and insisted that man is not to blame for it. The former governor also said before that glaciers in Alaska are expanding to prove that global warming does not exist. But although she does not believe global warming is real, the scientific community does. Years of research have shown that human emissions have greatly contributed to the Earth’s rising temperature.

Reports alleged that the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), the group which produced the documentary film, has received funding from large oil corporations such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Koch Industries, and Donor’s Trust, who are known for supporting groups that claim global warming is a hoax.

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