WWE News: Update On Plans For Zack Ryder After WWE Intercontinental Title Loss

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder had an amazing WrestleMania a little over a week ago. A dream came true for the man when he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time in his career. Truly, Ryder had a great WrestleMania moment that no one can take away from him. The interesting part in all of this is that Neville was originally supposed to be in the match, but due to his injury, Ryder was thrust into the role.

That means that, if Neville had never gotten hurt, Ryder wouldn’t have even had the chance to work a WrestleMania match. Then, all of a sudden, he wins. It was a happy shock that fans loved to see. Then WWE ruined it the next night when they had The Miz beat Ryder for the IC Title he had just won. Most assumed that Miz and Ryder would, of course, battle for the championship at least through WWE Payback.

However, it appears WWE is going a different direction. Last night on WWE RAW, the company went with a match involving Cesaro and Kevin Owens, where the winner would get a shot at the IC Title at Payback, and Cesaro ended up winning. The rumor is that WWE will be putting the title on the Swiss Superman, but we’ll have to wait and see, As for Zack Ryder, it appears he’ll be nowhere near the title picture.

Ryder wins
image via WWE

According to Cageside Seats, Zack Ryder is headed back to WWE NXT where he will team back up with Mojo Rawley and remain a Hype Bro for a while longer. Ryder did tease a possible story with Miz on social media, but WWE clearly went in another direction. This makes twice that WWE has screwed over Ryder when it comes to a singles title.

The last time was with the WWE United States Title. He had it taken from him quickly and even got screwed over by WWE in a story with Kane, both of which he never truly got a chance to make right from a story perspective. It seems like WWE is willing to give Ryder things, but they want to screw him over every time he actually gets it. Most believe that if WWE was going to take the IC Title off of Ryder and put it on The Miz, why not have Miz win at WrestleMania?

There was really no point in having Zack Ryder win if nothing was going to happen for Ryder. Even if the title was going to be removed quickly, Ryder could at least have a PPV blow off match which would give him a shot at redemption. However, Miz has had Maryse help him the last two times with Ryder, which means there is a story for Ryder there. He easily could call for a match where Miz has to work without his wife or something.

Ryder Owens
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WWE simply has no reasoning for its dismissal of Zack Ryder. It seems like they are always willing to give him a shot, but they never actually let him do anything once they give him the shot. He has been with WWE for about a decade now and is more than able to do more, but he has not been given many chances. When he is given them, he does well. However, it appears WWE does not care how well he does. They never truly were going to give him anything past a certain point.

Despite fans’ outcry regarding Zack Ryder, WWE wants him to remain where he is. While Ryder is beloved by WWE fans and has earned the respect of us all, it appears that he still has to work his way up the card and take advantage of any chance he gets. The problem for most fans is that Ryder excels in his chances, but WWE does not let him go past a certain point. Hopefully that changes eventually.

[Image via WWE]