Weight Loss Tips That Need To Be Ignored Include Sauna Belts And Supplements That Contain Banned Drugs

Although there are many weight loss tips that can help dieters make positive lifestyle changes that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and permanent weight loss, there are also many fads that can cause harm and affect dieters' health. It is important to consider the ingredients in any product, particularly if it is a supplement because some ingredients are harmful or even banned.

Fox News reported that there are weight loss supplements containing a banned drug. The drug, previously banned from competitive sports, is often found in many supplements at high doses and could be potentially harmful and even dangerous when taken.

The ingredient is listed on the bottle as methylsynephrine, which is also called oxilofrine. It is a stimulant approved in some countries for people who have low blood pressure. This drug isn't approved in the United States, and it is not a legal supplement ingredient either.

In a new study by researchers that analyzed 27 different weight loss supplements, the study found that 14 of the supplements contained this ingredient, and half of the supplements tested contained methylsynephrine in doses equal to or greater than the amount prescribed to those who live in countries where the ingredient is legal.

Researchers found that those who consumed the supplements as prescribed on the instructions on the bottle consumed around 75 mg of the drug at one time while consuming 250 mg a day, far above the limit that doctors prescribe the drug. Although researchers expected to find the supplement in some of the weight loss products, they didn't expect to find it in such high levels.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, counting calories was proven to be an effective way to lose weight. The problem with the study is that the researcher ate two-thirds of his calories from junk food. Although he lost 27 pounds over 10 weeks and reduced his cholesterol by 20 percent and triglycerides by 39 percent, nutrition professor Mark Haub of Kansas State University said that he was reluctant to recommend such a strategy for losing weight since it wasn't healthy to eat so much junk food.

The Health Site reported that there were several products recommended for weight loss that didn't work. These included slimming gel, sauna belts, slimming massagers, meal replacement shakes, herbal products, and impulse massagers. The problem found with the massagers was that although they improved circulation, they did nothing to improve fat burning. They did help improve skin though for those who want to use them.

Herbal products, although often considered to provide a placebo effect, could also have side effects too. Depending on the ingredients included in the product, they might provide a laxative effect. These products could also cause constipation.

Meal replacement shakes, although effective at helping dieters to cut calories and improve their nutrition by providing essential nutrients, had the side effect of causing dieters to regain the weight as soon as they stopped using the shakes. Another problem is that it was difficult for dieters to survive on the shakes for a long period of time, especially with the dramatic change in calories.

The best weight-loss strategies begin in the kitchen and include healthy eating. Cutting calories can help dieters to lose the weight they desire and keep it off as long as they make long-term lifestyle changes. These changes also include exercising on a regular basis to build muscle. Since a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat, dieters can increase their metabolism through exercise too.

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