‘Young Turks’ Host Cenk Uygur Livestreams Himself Getting Kicked Off From American Airlines Flight For Complaining About Huge Delay

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur got kicked off an American Airlines flight following a heated argument with the airline’s staff over his flight’s four-hour delay, according to TMZ. The well-known reporter uploaded a series of videos to tell followers about his ordeal, showing some footage of himself getting escorted to the customer service desk and being told that he can’t get on the flight.

According to Cenk, host of liberal online news show Young Turks, he was initially told by an American Airlines supervisor that the “captain didn’t feel comfortable” with him being on the flight. Uygur then got escorted by a security officer, whom he said apologized to him for having to remove him from his American Airlines flight.

In one of the videos, Uygur pointed out that the captain was nowhere to be seen around the time he was told that the “captain wasn’t comfortable” with him on the flight. After Cenk’s video went viral on YouTube, American Airlines informed the host that he was removed from the flight for video recording.

In the first of the videos, which lasted 21 minutes, Cenk complained about the four-hour delay, saying that the situation was “not funny.” He said that with his predicament, he had no choice but to record the video and tell is regular viewers that “American Airlines sucks” for deciding to screw everyone on the flight. Uygur then zoomed his camera around the departures lounge to show all passengers looking frustrated while waiting inside a big room.

While the famous online host conceded that there are things “much, much worse in the world,” Uygur justified his online rant by saying, “when it’s late at night and you’re gonna go on a redeye and some people aren’t even gonna get to sleep on this flight, they have no answers.”

“People are mad, it’s not just me who is mad,” the Young Turks host added.

This one video ended with a shot of the passengers complaining to the staff of American Airlines.

The altercation with American Airlines got even worse, however, as he shared another video moments later to inform viewers that a supervisor directed him to customer service only to be told that he is being refused entry to the American Airlines flight.

In the next video, the talk show host told the camera, “Guess what just happened, they kicked me off the plane, isn’t that unbelievable?”

“They kicked me off the plane because their feelings were hurt over the enormous incompetence of its staff,” Cenk complained.

“Never ever get on an American Airlines flight. They will make you wait four hours and then when you complain about it you will be kicked off your flight and they will rob you of your money.”

The Young Turks informed viewers that even though it was already 2 a.m., he was able to book another flight after the incident with American Airlines, this time with airline JetBlue.

The uploaded videos went viral on social media, with the hashtag #cenkonaplane trending on Twitter on Saturday morning.

One user poked fun at American Airlines by tweeting, “No one puts Cenk in a corner. #cenkonaplane”

Another one remarked on Twitter, “Did I really spend half my Saturday watching videos about #cenkonaplane?”

After arriving in Florida, Cenk posted another video to reveal that American Airlines sent him a voicemail informing him that “their social media department had contacted them,” adding that the staff refused him boarding not because of his unruly behavior, but because he had been filming the incident.

American Airlines informed him that it was “against policy” for their employees to be filmed.

Cenk remarked that the policy is quite telling of establishments that don’t want to be watched or criticized for their shortcomings, and that it is a demonstration on why “cops don’t like wearing cameras.”

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[Image via The Young Turks/YouTube]