‘RHOP’ Katie Rost Says She Loves Andrew Martin, Has Engagement Ring Again

On part 1 of The Real Housewives of Potomac season 1 reunion show, Katie Rost broke down in tears after host Andy Cohen pointed out that she was not wearing her engagement ring from Andrew Martin and that Andrew wasn’t at the reunion show as planned.

In tears, Katie said that she returned the ring the day prior and that she and Andrew were no longer together. Her co-stars didn’t seem very surprised by the news.


Yet it seems that there’s still a chance that Katie will get her wish to marry Andrew fulfilled. In her blog post recapping Sunday night’s episode, Katie talked about her current status with Andrew. Kate first admitted that filming the reunion show without Andrew there for support was sad and emotional.

“I was fresh from handing the engagement ring back to Andrew. Sitting on that stage without him somewhere in the wings giving me support was scary and looking down and not having my engagement ring of course made me very sad and made me emotional.”

Katie then revealed that she still loves Andrew and that they’re now taking things slow. In contrast to how she was during the filming of the season, when she pushed Andrew for marriage, Katie now doesn’t want to rush marriage for fear of getting divorced again. Katie also revealed that she has the engagement ring again. Notably, Katie didn’t exactly say that the engagement was back on, but did say that Andrew told her that he will always be there for her and her children.

“I love Andrew and our relationship isn’t perfect. Sometimes you have to step back in a relationship. I don’t want to speed into marriage and have it not work out once again. He did give me the ring back once I got back from New York. He told me the ring represents his promise to always be there for me and the kids as he has in the past. I thought that was a lovely gesture.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Katie tweeted that she was crying as she watched Andrew propose to her on the season 1 finale episode. Four days ago, Katie posted a photo of herself wearing her engagement ring.


During the reunion show, the subject of Andrew Martin came up again when co-star Karen Huger pointed out that he has a “missing digit.” In her blog, Katie Rost criticized Karen for making fun of Andrew for missing a finger, which he lost in a car accident. Katie believes that Karen was upset at some of the comments that Andrew made about her to co-star Ashley Darby and her husband, Michael Darby. Katie also pointed out that Karen, whom people have made fun of because of her appearance, shouldn’t be pointing out other people’s physical flaws.

“I think Karen was hurt by knowing that Andrew had said some snarky things about her. But Andrew certainly knows Karen and I think he was trying to be funny and inclusive when we were hanging with Ashley and Michael. He made a joke. That’s fairly harmless really. Karen caught a lot of heat about her physical appearance on social media. I think it was a cheap shot to attack Andrew for losing his finger in a car accident right after talking about being hurt by other people’s comments about her physical shortcomings. It was a lame deflection.”


Karen made her comment about Andrew’s missing finger when Katie said that Karen has “delusions of grandeur” and is not “the grand dame of Potomac” that she thinks she is. Karen hit back by asking who Andrew is.

“Who is Andrew with a missing digit? I’m just saying. Who is he? I don’t know…He’s not that special…Next.”

As the other The Real Housewives of Potomac cast members laughed hysterically, Katie said that Karen’s comment was “extremely offensive” and pointed out that making fun of Andrew Martin for missing a finger is not good etiquette.

A preview for part 2 of the season 1 reunion show shows that Katie Rost will share details regarding her breakup with Andrew Martin that happened right before filming the reunion show.

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