'Big Brother 18': CBS Confirms Premiere Date, Releases Early Spoilers, And Rumors Pick Up Steam That All-Star Season Is Ahead?

The Big Brother 18 premiere is just around the corner, and the fans are getting excited for the debut in June. CBS confirmed the summer smash-hit reality TV show will open the Big Brother doors on June 22. It looks like this season there won't be a two-day premiere date like there has been in seasons past. The BB18 fans are hoping that means that production has axed the Battle Of The Block competition, which would do away with the double Head of Households during the first half of the game. The casting team has claimed this season they hope to go back to the basics of the game and make it a season of power moves and shocking blindsides.

What we do know, thanks to Design & Trend, is on June 22 the show will debut as a two-hour premiere, and the show will roll out a much needed changed game. For a few months, the production has stated that the game needs a change because the show lacked excitement like it had two or three seasons back. For the show to continue and prosper, they felt that the show needed some changes, but they were clueless as to how to improve the game. It looks like they found their answers, and the Inquisitr has a few of the early details.

What we do know is the show will have 30 players on the premiere night, and they will have them do some competition to earn a spot in the house. Apparently, those who do not enter the Big Brother house, will win some prize instead. There's no indication yet what the prize may be. In seasons past, one of the biggest issues was they didn' have enough super-fans in the game -- they had mostly all production-recruited players, some have never seen the show before. It made a boring game with without super power moves.
Big Brother Network reported Big Brother 18 audition deadline is April 22, and the casting director will select the candidates based on the applications, auditions, and casting calls. The casting team promised the fans to bring in super-fans this year and has vowed not to use any recruited players. Each year, the fans wait [in anticipation] to see the new faces of the cast and the Big Brother house, and this year is no different.

Twitter has speculated since the show ended that there would be an "All-Star" season this year. It's been a long time since the show had an All-Star season, but there has not been an official announcement, yet. Recently, a rumor that picked up steam is that the show would be half All-Star players and half newbies. The theme would be All-Star vs. Newbies, and see who comes out ahead. Survivor had a similar idea a few years ago, and it was interesting how well the newbies did in comparison to the veteran players.

It's only a few weeks until we learn the details about this season's Big Brother. We will see the cast and the show will start releasing some details about the season's theme, and game. Big Brother Network noted that just because the casting team is holding auditions for the season doesn't mean they won't be doing an All-Star season. Apparently, the last All-Star season, they held auditions even though they knew they weren't using any of the prospective players.
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