List Of 27 Supplements Containing Banned Substances: Here Are Their Brand Names

The chemicals called "oxilofrine" and "methylsynephrine" might not mean much to people, except when the news breaks that they may have been slipped into certain supplements, with health fiends not realizing they might have taken them. As such, the list of brands that could contain the banned chemicals are getting attention online.

In the above photo from Saturday, May 19, 2013, the stimulant oxilofrine came into play when Asafa Powell of Jamaica (in the center) tested positive for the oxilofrine banned substance at the Jamaican championships, as reported by Yahoo. Back then, the 100-meter world-record holder who was Asafa learned he had tested positive for banned substances, along with Sherone Simpson, his Jamaican teammate, who also tested positive for oxilofrine.

According to the Wiley Online Library, out of a list of 27 supplements that were tested, 52 percent contained oxilofrine. Because certain athletes and bodybuilders want to avoid any chance of ingesting banned substances, a list of the brand names that could contain banned substances is very helpful. The report goes into the details of the dietary supplements "as compared to that of an oxilofrine standard at 0.5 µg/mL."

They also listed supplements containing oxilofrine and their label claims. Of those supplements that were tested, 43 percent contained oxilofrine.

"One supplement contained more than twice the usual adult dose and three times the usual adolescent dose."

"Table 1. Information provided on the label and actual oxilofrine content in 27 brands of dietary supplements"

The product names, claims on the product labels, and other information was provided via the publication.

HyperDrive® 3.0 (by ALR industries) contain methylsynephrine and is listed as a hardcore diet and energy aid. Interestingly, the product has been removed from other online sellers but is still available on Amazon.

Shredder (TBN Total Body Nutrition) contain methyl synaphrine with the "killer ABS formula" is listed as out of stock.

Fastin® (Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) contain methylsynephrine HCl, with the "pharmaceutical-grade weight loss aid for optimal diet and energy" is still for sale and listed as in stock online.

Lean Pills™ (Line One Nutrition) are fat burners containing methyl synephrine that are also still for sale.

Tummy Tuck (TBN Total Body Nutrition) has been removed from Amazon and is listed as out of stock, as reports of it containing methyl synaphrine made the news.

Methyl Drive™ 2.0 (ANS Advanced Nutrition Systems), which contains methylsynephrine and a "powerful thermogenic rush," isn't readily available for sale, but the 3.0 version is on GNC.

Other supplements on the list and their contents are listed as follows.
  • Drop Factor™ (MTS Nutrition) contains methylsynephrine HCl, and is called a "thermogenic powerhouse."
  • Exile (AmericanMuscle Sports Nutrition Company), with methyl synephrine, is said to provide its users with "euphoric weight loss."
  • China White 25 Ephedra (Cloma Pharma Laboratories) contains methylsynephrine.
  • Phenadrine™ (APS) contains methylsynephrine.
  • Hypercor™ (Kat-a-lyst Nutraceuticals) contains methyl synephrine HCl.
  • MethylDrene™ 25 Ephedra Elite stack (Cloma Pharma Laboratories) contains methylsynephrine.
  • Miami Lean (Skyline Nutrition) contains methylsynephrine HCl.
  • Eliminator X (Rok Hard Body Sports Nutrition) has methyl synephrine within its ingredients.
  • Ultimate Burn (Schwartz Laboratories) has methylsynephrine HCl.
  • Matrix-Xtreme (One Body Nutrition) contains methyl-synephrine HCl and is touted as a formula to help fat loss.
  • Ephedra X (Xcel sports nutrition) contains methyl synephrine.
  • FireStorm™ (GE Pharma) contains methyl synephrine.
  • Incineration (EN Enraged Nutrition) also has methyl synephrine.
Others containing methyl synephrine include Burn2 (M4 Nutrition Companies), MethylDrene™ 25 Ephedra ECA stack with cayenne and ginger (Cloma Pharma Laboratories), Burn™ (Pinnacle Sports Nutrition) RX 90 (MuscleSport Nutrition), ThermoBombs (NutraClipse Premier Sports Supplements), Nciner 8 (Twisted Genetix), Ultra Fire (Live 4 Life Health), and Burn-FX (Tokkyo Nutrition).

Plenty of supplements claim they aid with weight loss, energy, and fat burning potential. As noted, some banned substances can affect blood pressure.

[Photo by Eugene Hoshiko/AP Images File]