Explant Breast Surgery: Why Women Are Getting Their Breast Implants Removed [Graphic Photos]

On Instagram and other social media websites, there is a revolution going on in the world of women who are having their breast implants removed. On Instagram, the label #explant has 426 posts, while #explantation is included in 103 posts. The label called #breastexplantation has 174 posts, while #breastimplantillness has 416 posts.

Women are taking to social media to express their dissatisfaction with their breast implants -- be they silicone, saline, or gummy bear implants that are supposed to be "unleakable" -- and they are connecting their implants with bad experiences in their health. Doctors are even posting photos of breast implants that are removed from bodies, with mold or capsulated appearances.

One such woman named Anne Ziegenhorn said that after getting her breast implants in 2011, she began gaining weight, got horrible sores on her body and even experienced some loss of sight, as reported by WHAM 13. Anne had only gotten her breast implants two years prior to when the bad symptoms began showing up. Ziegenhorn's breast implants contained mold and were rotted when they were removed, potentially due to defective valves. As reported by Cosmopolitan, breast implant problems can be pretty common.
As such, women are filling social media with their own personal experiences with their breast implants, with some of them tracking the journey to getting their breast implants removed.They are also listing the benefits of no longer having a "porn star" look with huge breast implants.Doctors are also using social media to warn others to think about the implications of getting breast implants, along with what could go wrong. As reported by the BBC, Jean Claude Mas was arrested after the man who ran the Poly Implant Prothese implant-maker was found guilty of fraud for making thousands of implants that were defective and contained industrial grade silicone.

Along with breast implant removal, other surgeons are using social media to promote all sorts of cosmetic surgeries or fat-reducing techniques that can improve their appearances safely. One popular patient on social media who wrote about her breast implant removal was Yolanda Foster.

Foster is a model who appeared in a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode that chronicled her journey.Warning: Some of the photos below of breast implant removal are graphic, and might be disturbing to some viewers.As reported by Refinery 29, breast implants and breast lifts are taking on new life. Not only are explant surgeries growing in popularity, but the manner in which mastopexy or breast lift surgeries are performed are improving as well. Doctors are focusing more on the safety and long term aesthetics of such a procedure, instead of simply engaging in breast augmentations with implants.

Since breast lifts don't add volume to the breasts, but can lift and improve their look, they are one popular alternative. Lifts can make the breast appear bigger by making the breasts sit higher up on a woman's body. In fact, it's not just older women who seek breast lifts, but those who have never experienced perky breasts -- even prior to breastfeeding. Such a trait points to hereditarily saggy breasts that can look much better after breast lift and fat transfer surgeries.

The Ohio-based Lu-Jean Feng, MD, is a big fan of using sites like Real Self in order to research cosmetic surgeons and their work thoroughly.

"You have to really look at the breast from the side. Is the side shape attractive? How is the scar? [Ask to see] what the scar is like immediately after the procedure, and what's the scar like at six weeks, and what's the scar like at one year. The breasts will take care of themselves. It will heal in about two weeks. We get them back to exercise within two weeks."
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