‘Boston Globe’ Front Page: Donald Trump Headline Reads ‘Deportations To Begin’

The front page of the Boston Globe, dated Sunday, April 9, 2017, is definitely a shocker indeed. The Boston Globe asked the world to imagine what a world would look like under the presidential rule of President Donald Trump, and created an opinion piece that proclaimed, “The GOP must stop Trump.”

The visually shocking part of that opinion piece from the Boston Globe leads to a mock Boston Globe front page in Trump’s America. The front page shows what could happen if Trump became president, and his theories and ideas became a reality.

The Boston Globe has won praise for its creativity and hard-researched journalism, such as in 2001, when Boston Globe editor Marty Baron assigned journalists to dig into allegations of sexual abuse by priests against children. That assignment uncovered a plethora of rape cases, as documented in the movie 2015 Spotlight, which ended up winning an Academy Award for Best Picture and additional awards.

Now that the Boston Globe has taken on Trump in such a visual manner, the Globe is causing sensational buzz online.

Trump can be seen in the top photo above waving to his fans in New York as he leaves Trump Tower. It was Saturday, April 9, when Trump made his way to the World Trade Center Museum.

However, with the Boston Globe imagining a world one year later with Trump as president, humorous and frightening headlines fill their front page.

“Bank glitch halts border wall work.”

Trump’s plans to build a huge wall are attacked in the Boston Globe, with faux articles also claiming stock market troubles. With Mexico refusing to pay for the border wall, work on the wall stops in the imagined world created by the Boston Globe. Not only are the financial plans of the Donald put under a microscope, but so are the words that Trump has lobbed against journalists, when he claimed he would create U.S. libel laws that could sue journalists more frequently.

“The United States has had no federal libel laws to ‘open up’ as Trump suggested.”

The Boston Globe kept humor throughout the article, as it called the bandied-about law the “LAME Act,” an acronym for Limiting American Media Entitlement Act.

But perhaps it is the “massive deportation force” imagined by the Globe, which says that Trump would get three times the amount of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents working on deporting illegal immigrants, that represents the biggest shocking headline in the mock front page. Nearly one million agents were expected to be employed to deport illegal immigrants in a “humane” manner, imagined the article.

Megyn Kelly, Donald’s nemesis, is mentioned in the article, as well.

Meanwhile, protesters showed up at the White House and Trump International Hotel for weeks as reports of strawberry pickers in California being confronted, corralled, and sent back to Mexico are written about in the piece.



The news of a world under the reign of President Trump is one that not many folks would likely want to come to fruition, as scathing deportation headlines, reports of riots, and no peace in the Middle East are screamed in black and white print.

“This is Donald Trump’s America. What you read on this page is what might happen if the GOP front­-runner can put his ideas into practice, his words into action. Many Americans might find this vision appealing, but the Globe’s editorial board finds it deeply troubling.”

In the Boston Globe world, Trump insults the Chinese First Lady by tweeting a photo of a puppy and likening it to Peng Liyuan.

“Trump tweeted out a photo of his new pet shar­pei, a wrinkly puppy named Madame Peng. But he was unrepentant, saying his foreign policy needs to be ‘unpredictable.’ Trump added: ‘I don’t know why she’s so offended, I love cute puppies and I love women! It’s not like I tweeted out a photo of a Rottweiler named Merkel.’ “

It is a faux front page that could have large implications in the minds of voters as they truly consider if they want a world where Trump is president, with monuments and parks named Trump National Park — and the Old Post Office taking on Trump’s name. Even Trump’s first romance novel was imagined in the Boston Globe.

[Photo by AP Photo/Julio Cortez]