Boyd Holbrook Signs As Big Bad In Next ‘Wolverine’ Movie

Boyd Holbrook is best known for playing the incorruptible DEA agent in the Netflix series, Narcos. Now, Boyd Holbrook is going to be on the other side of the law in a new role for the upcoming Wolverine 3 flick. The actor is said to be cast as the main villain in the new movie starring one of the most popular mutant heroes in the comic book and comic book movie history. This time, Hugh Jackman will be joined by yet another of the more popular X-Men, in the form of Patrick Stewart, who will apparently be reprising his role as Professor X.

The addition of Stewart comes even though the standalone Wolverine movies haven’t really been following the same kind of canon path as the X-Men films. According to Deadline, the third film in this particular spinoff series is due to hit theaters on March 3 of next year. Boyd Holbrook will be helping to close up the series as Hugh Jackman has said this will be the last time he steps into the role of the famous superhero. The installment being the final movie in the unofficial trilogy might be why rumors have continued to circulate that Liev Schrieber is also going to make a return appearance as Sabretooth.

Nerdist reports that Boyd Holbrook is set to play the head of a global security firm which is on the hunt for Wolverine. Of course, if this is the truth, it would seem as though the movie will not have the storyline that was generally accepted as running through the third film. Boyd Holbrook isn’t playing a character that we recognize from the Old Man Logan comic book series, and that was supposed to be the basis for Wolverine 3. It actually makes more sense that Boyd Holbrook and the rest of the cast and crew would be coming up with a more original story, as that has been the case when talking about the first two films. While both of those were loosely based on previous Marvel comic stories, they were hardly strict reproductions.

Beyond his job title, we don’t have any idea what character Boyd Holbrook will be taking on, or whether he’ll turn out to be an evil executive who also has some powers of his own. The film role does indicate that Holbrook is making quite the name for himself in Hollywood, thanks to his starring role in Narcos. Based on a true story, Boyd Holbrook plays an American drug enforcement agency operative during the height of the war against the Columbian cartel.

The series shows Holbrook starting out attempting to show the United States government just how dangerous a foe the drug cartels really were. Because it was the 1980s, Holbrook had his work cut out for him as the government was more concerned with fighting communists. Boyd Holbrook’s character found the fight slightly easier once he was able to recruit native law enforcement types to his cause. Eventually, they were able to take down the biggest bad in Pablo Escobar.

While he might be best known for that role, Holbrook isn’t actually someone that is all that new to Hollywood. He’s had some big turns in films like A Walk Among the Tombstones, Gone Girl, Hatfields & McCoys, Jane Got a Gun, and The Big C. Most of those roles were indeed supporting endeavors, and it’s likely this appearance in Wolverine 3 will count as his biggest part in a Hollywood blockbuster. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more about the character that Boyd Holbrook is going to play in the upcoming Wolverine 3 in the next couple of weeks as shooting begins.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]