Whoopi Goldberg Could Be Cut From 'The View' Over Medical Marijuana Business, Insiders Say

Whoopi Goldberg's days on The View may be numbered if ABC execs truly disapprove of her new medical marijuana business venture. For those who missed it, Whoopi Goldberg announced last week that she would be launching a new weed product line for women battling with monthly menstrual discomfort.

According to Entrepreneur, Whoopi Goldberg issued a press release with details about the new marijuana startup, its purpose, and how she believes medical weed could be beneficial for women's health. The View moderator is reportedly working on this joint venture with her co-founder Maya Elisabeth, who has been operating the medical marijuana company Om Edibles since 2008.

"This was all inspired by my own experience from a lifetime of difficult periods and the fact that cannabis was literally the only thing that gave me relief," Whoopi Goldberg said in a press release. Maya Elisabeth also revealed men have expressed interest in their products due to the "desirable" side effects, despite women being their targeted consumers. "That's one of the things that's so beautiful about cannabis," said Elisabeth. "The side effects [of the products] are desirable."

During an interview with USA Today, Whoopi Goldberg made it clear that she is quite dedicated to making the marijuana venture a long-term success. "I want to go nice and slow with this. I don't want this to be a joke to people. It's not a joke to women," Goldberg said.

The Whoopi & Maya product line, they have affectionately coined the "menstrual survival kit," currently consists of four different cannabis-infused products comprised of "edibles, tinctures or liquid extracts, rubs and a bath soak," according to CNN Money.

Although Whoopi Goldberg has received a relatively positive response from fans, InTouch Weekly reports that the network executives at ABC aren't too thrilled about her marijuana business. A network insider has reportedly shared details about the alleged conflict of interest that has evolved from Whoopi Goldberg's marijuana venture. The publication reports that the conflict stems from the fact that Whoopi Goldberg did not discuss her business plans with executives prior to launching. Apparently, ABC execs were "blindsided" by her marijuana venture.
Since ABC reportedly makes a gratuitous effort to ensure The View moderators do not publicly discuss their personal or recreational use of substances like weed, Whoopi Goldberg's medical marijuana venture may be seen as a conflict of interest that could affect her contract renewal. Since Whoopi Goldberg's contract with The View is up in August, there's a possibility she may not return for the next television season, according to the network insider.
"The View is very strict about their talent not discussing their personal use of marijuana," the insider explains. "Her contract is up in August, and it could be time for them to cut Whoopi loose."
Although the rumors about Whoopi Goldberg's alleged impending departure from The View have yet to be confirmed or denied, launching a successful medical marijuana business may prove to be quite lucrative in the years to come. While there is very little scientific research to support the medical benefits of medical marijuana, that hasn't stopped the revenue spike that has catapulted the weed industry. "Marijuana is rapidly becoming a big, semi-legal business across the country, with $5.7 billion in sales last year and tens of thousands of people working and paying taxes as they cultivate, package and sell cannabis," according to USA Today.

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