R-Rated 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Might Be Released In Cinemas

It now looks as though Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be a huge disappointment for Warner Bros. While it has so far grossed over $742.8 million at the worldwide box office, the studio was hoping that it would make at least $1 billion.

At this point, Batman V Superman will be lucky to make anywhere near the $1 billion they had earmarked. But Warner Bros. have now come up with a new plan to try and get more people to see the blockbuster.

This will see the long-touted, R-rated "Ultimate Edition" home media release of Batman V Superman released into cinemas, rather than being saved for home entertainment release, which had previously been teased.

Heroic Insider's co-host, Umberto Gonzalez, brought up the possibility of Warner Bros. releasing Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice's Ultimate Edition into theatres during the latest episode of the YouTube series. Gonzalez insisted that Warner Bros. is currently considering releasing this three-hour long version, which they believe will then help it reach their $1 billion target.

The studio's thinking is that the fans that adored the blockbuster the first time the film was released will now flock to see the new scenes that were deemed too violent for mainstream audiences. Director Zack Snyder has already been talking about some of the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice during his promotional work for the blockbuster.

Not only did Snyder admit that he cut Jena Malone's character, who it is believed is Barbara Gordon, from the final film, but he also insisted that he decided to do away with one particular sequence for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice because he deemed it too dark.

Warning: There are some SPOILERS ahead for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. So if you haven't seen the blockbuster yet and want to remain in the dark about it then you probably shouldn't read ahead. However, if that's the case, what have you been waiting for?

Zack Snyder discussed the cut scene during a discussion with IGN, who asked why Superman can't hear the screams of his mother, Martha Kent, played by Diane Lane, when she has been kidnapped by Lex Luthor.

This led Zack Snyder to admit that there was originally a scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice that helped to explain why he couldn't hear his mother's screams.

"I think all the way - to me, from Metropolis to Smallville is probably just on the edge of his range of hearing. Also the clutter of the city makes it difficult as well," Snyder revealed.

"We had a scene that we cut from the movie where he tries to look for her when he find out that Lex has got her," Snyder added. "It was a slightly dark scene that we cut out because it sort of represented the dark side. Because when he was looking for his mom he heard all the cries of all the potential crimes going on in the city, you know when you look."

Snyder wasn't done though, because he continued, "I kind of like the idea that he's taught himself not to look because if he looks it's neverending, right? You have to know when, as Superman, when to intervene and when not to. Or not when not to, you can't be everywhere at once, literally you can't be everywhere at once, so he has to be really selective in a weird way about where he chooses to interfere."

[Image via Warner Bros.]