‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna Slams Lisa Vanderpump During Reunion, Plus Which Castmate Stormed Off The Set?

The drama between the stars of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reached epic heights during the show’s upcoming reunion special. Along with Lisa Rinna continuing her feud with Lisa Vanderpump, one of the ladies stormed off the set after a heated confrontation. Will any of the Housewives settle their differences before the end of the season?

In a trailer released by Us Magazine, Rinna and Vanderpump argue over Yolanda Foster’s battle with Lyme disease and the subsequent Munchausen debate. While Vanderpump defended her actions and denied talking bad about Foster behind her back, a heated Rinna let the accusations fly.

“I’m not done!” Rinna shouted at Vanderpump. “I got a phone call from you, and you encouraged me to say ‘Munchausen. ‘ I’m getting this out! You called me at home … I’ve got the phone records … 10 f**king phone calls! I’m sorry, you said you’ve never called me … [but] you encouraged me to say this.”

At this point in the video, things got a little too personal for Foster. In fact, the reality star got so emotional that she was forced to leave the set while Rinna and Vanderpump continued to argue in the background. This is understandable, especially considering how Foster has gone through a lot in the past few months, including a divorce and her battle with the dreaded disease.

The accusations fly on the RHOBH season 6 reunion. [Image via Bravo] The accusations fly on the RHOBH season 6 reunion. [Image via Bravo]Meanwhile, Reality Tea is reporting that Vanderpump slammed Rinna and Eileen Davidson in a recent blog post. In response, Rinna uploaded a special message on Twitter that expressed her disappointment at Vanderpump’s latest attack.

“So much for a peaceful vacation. I’m disgusted at how Eileen was spoken of. She is my friend and no one should ever speak of her that way,” Rinna wrote.

As far as the upcoming reunion is concerned, Rinna promised fans that previous issues will once again take center stage during the special. Although Rinna did not go into any details, she did joke that she might not make it out of the reunion in one piece.

“WARNING: In the finale, we talk about the same s**t in a different, beautiful location. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I didn’t cancel my order on that diamond zipper Louis Vuitton body bag I ordered for myself last season,” Lisa Rinna wrote. “I may not get out of here alive, but dammit, I will go out in style.”

If the trailer is anything to go by, then fans can certainly expect things to get nasty between Vanderpump and Rinna. According to E! Online, the revelations that Vanderpump has been pulling the strings behind the gossip about Foster even surprised newcomer Erika Girardi, especially after Rinna provided her cell phone records as evidence.

Yolanda Foster has documented her battle with Lyme Disease on social media. [Image via Instagram] Yolanda Foster has documented her battle with Lyme Disease on social media. [Image via Instagram]As fans will recall, Rinna was actually the first cast member to bring up the notion that Foster did not have Lyme disease. In a similar storyline to what unfolded on the Real Housewives of Orange County and Brooks Ayers, Rinna suggested that Foster suffered from Munchausen syndrome.

Of course, Rinna has since backtracked and revealed that her old friend Vanderpump was the reason why she brought up Munchausen syndrome in the first place. Whatever the truth of the matter, the upcoming reunion will dive into the issue like never before, though it is still unclear if anything gets resolved.

As far as Foster is concerned, fans can only hope that she is able to recover from another round of accusations. Judging by her reaction to Rinna and Vanderpump’s fighting, Foster has a long way to go before things settle down.

The first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is set to air April 19 on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]