‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7, Episode 18: Extended Promo And Synopsis For ‘One Way Or Another’

The Vampire Diaries season 7, episode 18 is titled “One Way Or Another.” An extended promo for the upcoming episode of TVD has been released. The synopsis is also available, which reveals what fans can expect when the vampire series airs on The CW next Friday.

On the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) reunited with his brother. The only problem was that Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) wasn’t in his own body. When the Phoenix Stone was destroyed, souls ended up jumping into the nearest bodies they could find. Stefan’s body is inhabited by an evil vampire who was a serial killer. Meanwhile, the real Stefan had to deal with a human body that had limitations and less strength than Stefan was accustomed to.

So, what can TVD fans expect on the next episode of The Vampire Diaries? It turns out that everyone will be searching for Stefan. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there will be some unusual pairings that team up to find the real Stefan Salvatore. Damon will learn what life has been like since he was gone and Bonnie (Kat Graham) gets a clue.

“Determined to capture an escaped vampire named Ambrose, who may be the key to getting Stefan back safely, Damon heads to Memphis with Alaric (Matt Davis) in tow,” Spoiler TV wrote about The Vampire Diaries season 7, episode 18. “However, reluctant to step back into his former vampire hunting ways, Alaric makes his unwillingness to participate clear, while revealing the truth about the past three Damon-less years of his life. Meanwhile, in the psych ward, Bonnie meets a young woman named Virginia (guest star Aisha Duran), who provides her with some valuable information about why The Armory may be after her. Finally, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) takes matters into his own hands when he learns some devastating news from Rayna (guest star Leslie-Anne Huff).”

Spoilers Guide posted the extended promo for The Vampire Diaries season 7, episode 18. It reveals that the serial killer vampire inhabiting Stefan’s body offers Damon Salvatore a deal. In order to get Stefan back in his own body, the entity wants something from Damon Salvatore. Ian Somerhalder’s character is willing to do anything to get his brother back, but will this be another plan that backfires?

The extended promo for “One Way Or Another” shows Stefan holding a wooden board. He looks like he is about to attack someone with it, but is stopped. The TVD extended promo also reveals that Damon and Alaric will team up to find Stefan. However, Damon might not like what Alaric has to say about how peaceful life has been without Damon causing problems for everyone. There is also an ambulance, what sounds like some sort of car accident and the words “bulls eye” are heard. However, the most concerning part of the promo is when Stefan is asked if he is ready to die.

As for Damon’s relationship with his brother, that will continue to be part of the storyline in the next few episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan will be forced to confront the problems Damon has caused him for centuries. However, Damon will also finally realize how deeply his actions affect everyone in his life. Right now, Damon’s main focus is finding Stefan before it’s too late.

“Damon’s flying solo, knowing that this is his burden and his responsibility,” Julie Plec told TV Guide about Damon Salvatore’s thought process. “His unwillingness to act quickly enough to keep Stefan from getting attacked by Rayna is really why Stefan is in this situation to begin with. So he really feels like he’s got some amends to make and is working hard to get to the bottom of where his brother is and how he can help him.”

The Vampire Diaries season 7, episode 18 airs April 15 on The CW network.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM]