'S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier-Style' UFO Filmed Behind Clouds After 'Cloaking Panels' Failed: Footage Goes Viral As Skeptics Howl 'Hoax!' [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Footage claimed by an online UFO hunter to show a "giant machine UFO" with loud booming engines lurking barely visible behind clouds over Frayser in North Memphis, Tennessee, has sparked excitement in online UFO forums. Although the footage showing the latest incredible UFO sighting report by notorious YouTube UFO hunter Securetam10 has been dismissed by skeptics and detractors as yet another massive "hoax," it has gone viral among Secureteam10's loyal followers in the UFO community having been viewed tens of thousands of times.

An excited secureteam10 fan has even suggested that the UFO is a S.H.I.E.LD. Helicarrier-Style UFO that became visible in the sky momentarily after its cloaking mechanism malfunctioned.

According to UFO hunters, the footage, which shows a cloudy sky, actually reveals a massive flying machine, a giant UFO with loud booming engines cloaked behind the clouds. The presence of a UFO hiding behind the clouds was first detected through the noise of the booming engines.

Secureteam10 claims to have uncovered the giant UFO lurking behind the clouds through analysis of the footage. According to the UFO hunter, analysis of slow-motion and still images of the video reveal the "jaw-dropping" UFO at the split moment it appeared behind the clouds.

Securetame10 "expert" analyst, Tyler Glockner, reported that Schneider had heard strange booming noises in the sky over his home for several days. He finally came out of his home to investigate, and while looking up at the sky to determine the source of the booming noises he accidentally captured on camera a brief glimpse of the mysterious UFO lurking in the sky concealed behind clouds.

"If you look really close... [the witness] saw for a moment, what appeared to be a massive machine-like structure moving in the sky, that only for a moment broke through the clouds," the video analyst said.

The "video analysis" revealing the incredible sighting has gone viral in the online UFO community. Some gushing enthusiasts have suggested that the UFO is a S.H.I.E.LD. Helicarrier-type UFO (see video below) that became visible for a moment when its "cloaking panels" malfunctioned.

"That's just a S.H.I.E.L.D aircraft having problems with their cloaking panels."

"Just had to figure out where I was supposed to look as you pointed out later in the video," a UFO enthusiast said. "Maybe other posters screaming 'they can't see anything,' should watch the entire video. Great work!"

Another said, "I see it now! Scary sh**."

A worried viewer said, "I'm glad they are not here to hurt us."

One enthusiast wondered aloud where the hordes of scary machines peeking from behind clouds on Secureteam10's UFO videos come from.

"I don't know where the whole evil comes from."

According to Secureteam10, the footage (see below) supposedly shows a UFO captured by a resident of El Paso on June 2015. It allegedly shows a massive black cube UFO emerging from swirling "jet black clouds."

"I am personally at a loss for words because this thing is mind-blowing," Secureteam10 commented at the time. "We do not know what it is — is it a craft or an entity from another dimension, is it a probe sent here from a higher intelligence in another galaxy?"

While skeptics jeered in derision, saying the footage was a blatant hoax, hundreds of Secureteam10 channel followers and UFO enthusiasts agreed that the cube-UFO portended evil, being the symbol of the Devil. According to some Project Blue Beam conspiracy theorists, the footage was proof that the Antichrist-led New World Order (NWO) was about to be inaugurated.

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