Rick Springfield DUI: Actor Strikes Deal To Stay Out Of Jail

Rick Springfield Reaches DUI Plea Bargain

Rick Springfield has reached a DUI plea agreement that will keep him out of jail even though he allegedly threatened to kill a deputy sheriff after being pulled over in Malibu, California.

According to the official police report the “Jessie’s Girl” singer was pulled oer in May 2011 while driving his 1963 Corvette Stingray. The arrested officer noted in the report that Rick smelled like alcohol and then threatened to kill the officer and his family if the Stingray was towed.

Following his arrest Springfield was charged with a DUI which eventually led to a plea agreement that would allow him to plead no contest for reckless driving.

In order to honor his plea agreement Rick Springfield must undergo a 2 month long traffic program and remain on court ordered probation for a period of 3 years.

Giving the maximum sentence and fines he could have received if found guilty Rick Springfield got off rather lightly.

If you can’t get enough celebrity DUI antics in your life country singer Randy Travis is currently facing charges for his second DUI in less than one year, this time after he was pulled for during a single-car collision. Travis was behind the wheel of his vehicle at the time of the accident and he was completely naked.

Throw in Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and dozens of other celebrities and we have to wonder if DUI pleas for celebrities are making it too easy to care less about drinking and driving.

In the meantime it looks like Jessie’s girl won’t be a guy named Bubba after all.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]