‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Talks His ‘Amazingly Dedicated’ Female Fans [Watch]

While Outlander gears up for the premiere of its second season, Sam Heughan has been busy promoting the show’s highly anticipated return to television. With only one season under its belt, Outlander has managed to amass one of the largest fan bases around. Just how dedicated are these Outlander fans?

In a short clip (below) released by Entertainment Weekly, Heughan appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and shared a few insights about how far Outlander fans will go in order to show their support.

“We have these amazingly dedicated fans,” Heughan told Corden. “We’re shooting in Scotland, in the Highlands or next to a mountain, and we have fans that turn up and bring baked goods. A lot of cookies, muffins. I’m surprised they’re not here today.”

After the comments, Heughan took a quick look behind his seat to make sure there weren’t any Outlander fans hanging out. To Heughan’s relief, Corden told him that none of his dedicated fans were lurking behind him with cookies or cakes.

The Late Late Show host James Corden took to Twiiter to joke that Sam Heughan needed to 'Lay off the whiskey.' [Image via Late Late Show Twitter] The Late Late Show host James Corden took to social media to joke that Sam Heughan needed to “lay off the whiskey.” [Image via Late Late Show Twitter]“They did arrive, but I’m sorry, they didn’t make it,” Corden told him. “It’s very rare that baked goods will make it to this part of the day if they arrive here.”

Heughan appeared on the show with Rita Wilson, who also shared a little about Heughan’s dedicated female fans. In particular, the actress told Heughan that all of her friends were deeply envious when they learned that she was interviewing with the star of Outlander.

“When I told the girls we were going to be on the couch together, they were very excited,” Wilson stated. “We’ll have to get a selfie or something.”

According to TV Over Mind, Sam Heughan was also joined by country crooner Luke Bryan, who shared stories about his own experiences dealing with female fans. While Bryan explained how he was forced to set up some ground rules for his meet and greets, Heughan stated that Outlander fans have never acted “weird” around him or made him feel uncomfortable in any way.

Meanwhile, fans are currently waiting for the release of season two of Outlander, which is only days away. As the series gears up for another successful year, Heughan and co-star Caitriona Balfe sat down with Access Hollywood and discussed how this season differs from the first.

The official poster for season 2 of 'Outlander,' features Caitriona Balfe wearing an iconic red dress. [Image via Starz] The official poster for season 2 of Outlander, features Caitriona Balfe wearing the iconic red dress. [Image via Starz]The upcoming season of Outlander will feature Jamie and Claire venturing off to Paris, France. Their main goal is to change history, and with the new setting comes a variety of changes, including new wardrobes and characters.

As far as Balfe is concerned, the actress expects that fans will really enjoy the new season, especially with the different storyline and new setting.

“I think last time everything was just so new, and I don’t really think we knew what to expect,” Balfe explained. “Obviously, because we had then the Season 1B premiere and everything, we’ve kind of now done it a few times. But, it’s exciting. I think we’re really proud of this season. I think we’re really excited for people to see it. It feels very different. It feels very fresh and new.”

For his part, Heughan admitted that he is still nervous about the new season. This is largely because of the success of the first season, though Heughan still said that he is looking forward to its release.

“There’s an anticipation still there,” Heughan told the outlet. “I’m nervous like how it’s going to do. I guess last year was so intense, wasn’t it? And now, at least, we can enjoy it a bit more and Monday’s going to be really exciting.”

The second season of Outlander is set to premiere on April 9 on Starz.

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[Image via Late Late Show Twitter]