Randy Travis Fans Rushed To Jail, Tried To Give Him Money And Clothing

If you’re country superstar Randy Travis and you have just been arrested in the buff don’t worry because your fans have your back. That was the lesson the country singer learned moments after being arrested on a second DUI charge in less than one year.

According to various reports only moments after he was booked into jail a local man posted his cash bond and another man offered free legal services to the oft-troubled Travis.

Realizing their favorite singer was naked at the time of his arrest several locals even brought him some clothes to wear out of the jail.

In all fairness representing lawyer Gary Corley told TMZ that the small town area of Sherman, Texas is a close-knit community that takes care of its own. As for Corley, he says he wanted to “do the humanitarian thing” and help Travis.

How friendly are the people of Sherman? Apparently Corley gave Randy the hat right off his own head so he could shield his face from the dozens of photographers waiting outside the jail for his release.

Corley had setup a vehicle for Randy Travis but the man who posted his bond already had one waiting so Randy hoped in, going with the money instead of the lawyer.

Randy Travis has not officially hired Gary Corley as his representation and further details regarding his arrest and the hoopla that surrounded his short time in jail have not yet been released.

It should be noted that Randy Travis didn’t just get arrested for a naked DWI, he was also involved in a single-car collision and then allegedly threatened to shoot and kill the arresting police officers. Along with his DWI charge Travis was arrested on a third-degree felony count for “retaliation.”

Do you think given his troubled pass the people of Sherman, Texas are enabling Randy Travis’ behavior instead of really helping him?