Insane Road Rage Video Shows Car Driver Trying To Run Over Motorcyclist

A high-speed altercation between a car driver and a motorcyclist on a southern Florida highway was caught on video and uploaded online, thereby causing a buzz about the dangers of road rage.

The video, which lasts for three and a half minutes, shows a motorcyclist driving fast on a highway when a red car appeared in front of it. Later on, it could be seen that the red car tried to catch up to the motorcyclist, but each time, the other driver would drive away faster. At one point, the motorcyclist was driving in the wrong lane in an attempt to evade the car.

The motorcyclist also looked at the other driver several times, causing him to almost collide with oncoming traffic. More than a minute into the video, the motorcyclist went back to the right lane and sped up in an attempt to ward off the red car driver. The two exchanged words at one point in the video, although it was inaudible.

The road rage video was caught via the helmet camera of the motorcyclist, who was identified as Rone Gonzalez. The driver of the red Ford Fusion was identified as Kristiian Rosa. The two were arrested for speeding, cutting each other off, and driving down the wrong lane.

It was unclear when and how the chase began, as the video appears to have started midway through the incident. However, in another video posted by a Miami publication, it showed that Rone Gonzalez seemed to have given Kristiian Rosa the finger and hit the car’s side mirror. In the video uploaded by the motorcyclist, the car driver appeared to have spat at the other driver and then hit his bike.

Rosa was the first to report the incident to the Homestead Police Department shortly after the incident took place on Monday afternoon.

In the report, the car driver claimed that he didn’t know the motorcyclist and only identified him as a white male. Kristiian Rosa also said that Rone Gonzalez was driving erratically and was speeding and cutting off vehicles.

In the video taken by Gonzalez, he stated that he was not an experienced rider and that what he did in the video was not done on purpose as he just attempted to get away from the other driver. He was reportedly on his way to work when the other driver cut him off.

He continued to say that the car driver blocked his path on both lanes, adding, “I didn’t want to harm myself or other people, which is exactly what happened, no one got hurt, everyone, even the guy goes home.”

However, Rosa claimed that his vehicle was vandalized by the motorcyclist and that the latter had no intention of stopping. Regarding the road rage, the car driver added in a statement that he is not proud of what he did but he can say that he learned a big lesson.

He also said, “A lot of things could have happened in that short time. It only takes a second for an accident to happen, yet we both took no consideration over our loved ones or the people around us at the time Lesson learned. All lives matter.”

The car driver, 30, and the motorcyclist, 23, were both arrested on Wednesday after an investigation into the video was launched. Both drivers have been charged with reckless driving. However, Kristiian Rosa faces an additional felony charge of aggravated assault. Neither of the two drivers entered a plea to the charges filed against them.

Their first court appearance is said to be this Thursday, April 7.

[Photo by Jacques Brinon/AP Images]