Drew Barrymore Shares Secrets Of Her Success For New Entrepreneurs

Drew Barrymore is an influential woman who has had an impact in entertainment, fashion, and business. However, the path to achieving success was never smooth for Drew Barrymore. Drew’s first breakthrough role in Spielberg’s E.T. helped her to become famous as a child star. But her progression from childhood into her teenage years was a traumatic one, and she relied on alcohol and drugs to cope with her troubled life.

DNA India reports that Drew Barrymore hit rock bottom in 1989 when she tried to commit suicide.

Ultimately, she had to spend time in a rehabilitation center to receive counseling and to learn how to let go of her drug addiction. She resurfaced backed into showbiz by working in Poison Ivy, a 1992 B-grade film which caught the eye of critics and fans alike. Later, she acted in a number of movies that helped her to steady her career. However, it was Charlie’s Angels and a string of Adam Sandler films that helped her to regain her status as a professional in the industry, as well as establishing herself financially again.

Her successful film projects enabled her to start her own production company and produce the movie Whip It. Drew Barrymore has been careful in setting up business ventures outside of the film industry. In 2013, Drew launched a cosmetics line exclusively for Wal-Mart. Recently, she has launched a range of eyewear products under the brand name Flower Eyewear. Drew Barrymore’s business initiatives are poised to expand into online retail and international markets.

Drew Barrymore is also focusing on her acting career along with playing the role of an entrepreneur in real life. Entertainment Weekly reported that Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are teaming up to star in Santa Clarita Diet; a Netflix romantic comedy series.

Drew Barrymore has stepped into multiple roles in the past, playing both an actress as well as an executive producer. CNBC reported that Drew Barrymore gave some sound advice for entrepreneurs wishing to follow in her footsteps. She suggests that people contemplate how they will grow their business and how they will nurture it. She feels that growth has to be achieved in a systematic manner rather than in a random way, and that entrepreneurs should look first into businesses which would be of interest to themselves.

Drew Barrymore was successful in moving from acting to producing and directing as her strategy enabled her to focus on a maximum of two films at any one time. In this way she was able to deliver quality through her work. CNBC reported that the Wedding Singer star warned entrepreneurs against the temptation of taking on as much work as possible. She advised that the focus must be more on quality rather than quantity. Drew Barrymore added that entrepreneurs need to be aware of their capacities and they should not venture into businesses that they are not passionate about. At the end of the day, the person running the business must be content with simply being self-employed and not worry to an extent that they suffer from stress.

Recently, ABC News reported that Drew Barrymore was invited to speak at Marie Claire magazine’s pop-up Power Trip summit. Marie Claire had invited actors-turned-entrepreneurs like Drew Barrymore to share the secrets of their success. At the summit, Drew Barrymore revealed that her relentless hard work was only one of her secrets for establishing a successful business.

Drew Barrymore is one the Hollywood celebrities who has been through the ups and downs in the world of showbiz. At one point of time she had the world at her feet, yet there were other times when the Charlie’s Angels actress had to struggle to cope with her personal problems. It seems that Drew Barrymore’s career had to all but die so that she could reshape it once again.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Tracy Paul & Co]