80s Sitcom ALF Is Headed To The Big Screen

ALF Movie In The Works

For those of you who weren’t around during the 1980s, ALF (Alien Life Form) was a cheesy sitcom about a family who adopts a furry extraterrestrial who enjoys eating cats and playing the drums. It was goofy in the way that only television programs and movies from the 80s can be and was surprisingly popular given the silliness of its premise. The show was on the air for four years and topped out at 102 episodes. I’ve probably seen them all.

Since transforming old shows into big-screen, big-budget motion pictures seems to be the thing to do nowadays; the creative force behind The Smurfs movie will bring the adventures of ALF to cinemas all across the world. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan Kerner will produce the flick for Sony Pictures Animation, who will craft the picture as a live action/CGI hybrid.

Puppeteer Paul Fusco, who also voiced the character for the TV show, is expected to lend his talents to the adaptation as well. However, as of this writing, a director has not been attached to the project.

Movie website Geek Tyrant managed to unearth a tidy synopsis for aforementioned program, which describes the plot as follows:

“ALF (Paul Fusco) follows an amateur radio signal to Earth and crash-lands into the garage of the Tanners. The Tanners are a suburban middle-class family in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles, CA) area. The family consists of social worker Willie (Max Wright), his wife Kate (Anne Schedeen), their teenage daughter Lynn (Andrea Elson), younger son Brian (Benji Gregory), and their cat Lucky.”

A tentative release date for the ALF adaptation has not been set. However, those who found The Smurfs to be an enjoyable cinematic experience will be able to partake in the sequel when it lands in theaters on July 31, 2013. The first installment in the series reportedly grossed over $560 million worldwide.