Starbucks to serve Beer & Wine in Seattle locations next week

Coffe shop giant, Starbucks, will be serving wine and bottled beer starting next week at it’s Seattle WA locations.

The sale of beer and wine will be a pilot project and an effort to transform their shops into more of a European style experience. If all goes well, Starbucks will be expanding the sale of alcohol out to more of it’s 16,000 store chain and will also be introducing live music and poetry readings to round out the ambiance.

A Starbucks spokesperson says that there would be no major legal obstacles, noting that coffee houses in New York’s Greenwich Village have been serving beer and wine for years.

So how do avid Starbucks fans feel about the new changes to their java bean havens? We’ll see, but some patrons are already speaking out. One group says that it’ll add a lot to the atmosphere and vibe of the stores while bringing in new customers who’ll stay longer. Others don’t agree. They’re saying that they are against the change and that the place where they now go to sip latte’s and get free wifi will turn into more of a noisy bar or pub atmosphere.

What do I think? I’ve never liked Starbucks coffee, or their stores, and I don’t drink beer – but those are just my personal preferences.