Johnny Depp Out Partying With Aerosmith Until The Early Morning Hours

H. Scott English

Johnny Depp was all smiles out on the town on Monday night. People magazine is reporting that the actor headed out to Harry Morton's Pink Taco Sunset Strip in West Hollywood to live it up at a private party with Aerosmith and he stayed until really early in the morning.

Johnny Depp has been out and about quite a bit lately, as he has formally split from his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis recently. The two were seen holding hands and hanging out with each other a few days ago, but Johnny Depp's representatives have not confirmed that the couple is planning to get back together.

Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, rented out the private venue for the party. Guests told People that Depp was in "high spirits and [seemed to] really enjoy the party."

Depp was seen mingling with Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv Tyler, and spending some time with Jim Carrey, and who can leave out the time he spent hanging out with Aerosmith themselves. Guests also said that Depp was table hopping until 2:00am. It has been smooth sailing for Depp since moving back to Hollywood.

Johnny Depp recently moved back to the United States from France where he had been living for a few years. Depp told various media outlets that he had no problem with the United States but preferred the anonymity of living in France. France gave Depp a choice to leave or become a permanent resident. Depp chose to leave because, as a permanent resident, he would have to pay income taxes in both countries.