Newly Wed Bride Discovered Her Husband Was A Convicted Pedophile A Week After Marriage, Still Struggling With Divorce Years Later

The pleasantries of new marriage quickly turned into a horror show for Jazmin Cullen after she found that the man she had just tied the knot with was a convicted pedophile.

The pair met in a local club and started dating. It was not long before the couple decided to take their relationship to another level.

The euphoria of new marriage was quickly converted to worst nightmare after her grandmother found child abuse images on a laptop that Cullen had borrowed.

Jazmin was quick to report to the police the horrific images, but miseries only kept on piling upon her. She discovered from police that her new husband was a former ambulance operator, and he had kept her in the dark about his criminal past and his job.

The groom Cullen had a stained criminal history and was put behind the bars for possessing 8,000 child abuse images and exchanging them with other pedophiles.

He served half of a two-year prison sentence and met Jazmin shortly after being released.

On being reported, the police quickly made a search of the house the couple were staying in. Cullen pleaded guilty soon after to possession of indecent images at Sutton Magistrates’ Court in April 2011

Jazmin is still trying to recover from the shock of discovering her husband’s identity.

“‘My world came crashing down,’ Jazmin said. ‘Jason had been using the laptop a bit but we didn’t think anything of it. We were watching TV and she (grandmother) just burst into tears. She was obviously horrendously shocked and upset.'”

According to Daily Mail, two years before their marriage, Kingston Crown Court heard how he’d swapped pictures of babies and children with other sex offenders online, some of which were rated at the worst level possible.

He was released on licence after a year. Following the release, he was quick to change his name via dead poll. His claim was that he had been receiving too many death threats.

Jazmin was amazed how Jason had tricked her into marriage.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that his pictures were in articles I found online, I would never have believed he had this double life. I was completely dumbfounded,” she said.

The scarred Jazmin was looking for a way out of the marriage by divorcing him, but the coveted divorce is hard to come by for her. It took two years of courage for Jazmin to pick up the pieces and start divorce proceedings, which she began in early 2013.

But to add salt to the wounds, Jason constantly changes his identity and whereabouts, making divorce impossible.

“In many ways I have been able to put it in my past but being married to him is a constant reminder. Every time I receive a letter, or see my name, it is distressing,” she said.

She has finally gathered her courage and looking to get over with it.

“At one point I wasn’t sure if there was any hope out there, but now I’m doing really well now in my life,” she added.

The divorce laws of United Kingdom have made matters go from bad to worse for Jazmin. The law states that, if one partner doesn’t agree to the divorce, this is called a defended divorce and must be dealt with by a family court.

The law also states that a partner can object to the divorce on the grounds that it would cause unreasonable hardship.

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