‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Fan’s Audio Find May Reveal That Glenn Was The One Killed By Negan

The Walking Dead ended on a cliffhanger that left fans wondering which major character was killed by Negan, but new evidence uncovered by a fan points to an end for Glenn Rhee.

The Season 6 finale was especially frustrating for fans. After waiting all season for the arrival of the nefarious Negan and the promise that he would kill off one of the major characters, it turned out that his character was only on screen for a few moments at the end, and fans didn’t get to see who he actually killed.

There are rampant theories across the internet (including one that showrunners themselves don’t know who will be killed, or have yet to decide). But one fan may have deciphered what happened when viewers were unable to see — and could only hear — Negan’s murderous decision.


A fan cut just the audio from the final scene and annotated what was being said. The high-pitched scream couldn’t be positively identified, but there was very clearly what appears to be the voice of Glenn trying to say “Maggie” at the start of the clip.

So here’s where it gets annoying: Can we trust this audio? Isn’t it possible that TWD edited it together solely to trick hardcore fans into assuming Glenn is the victim, only to give us a new victim in the season 7 premiere? Sure, it sounds like an incredible trollish move, but they had no problem trolling us with the cliffhanger last Sunday. Besides, if it is Glenn, then it’s still hellaciously trollish, seeing as showrunner Scott M. Gimple swore that the TV series would take a “hard left turn” from this scene in the comics, in which Negan killed Glenn in the exact same scenario in the exact same way.

If Glenn dies, this clearly isn’t a hard left turn. It’s putting on your left-side turn signal, and then going straight anyway. Not only is it annoying, it’s a damn good way to get into a wreck. You hear me, TWD?

That would certainly fit the comic, where it is indeed Glenn who dies at the hands of Negan. But The Walking Dead has been known to depart from the comic regularly, so it’s not for certain that he will be killed.

If it’s true that Glenn is the one killed by Negan, it would be particularly frustrating to fans, who spent the better part of the first part of this season wondering if he was dead. Early this season, viewers watched as he and Nicholas were surrounded, and after Nicholas killed himself, it appeared the walkers tore Glenn apart.


But if there are some Walking Dead spoilers out there, even the cast members aren’t letting on. Steven Ogg, who plays the main Savior, told TMZ that even he doesn’t know which main character is going to end up getting killed off.

For his part, showrunner Scott Gimple is also warning fans against trying to decipher the clues as to who died in The Walking Dead season finale.

“I believe there is no way,” Gimple told ComicBook.com. “There are a couple of things in there that might help people possibly limit the amount of people who are vulnerable but I will say, I would recommend people not to go down that route. I truly don’t think there is a way to puzzle it all out definitively.”

But the iO9 report went on to determine who it can’t be, noting that Rick and Carl are likely safe as Negan threatened to “Cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father,” meaning they’re not the ones on the chopping block. It’s also likely not Maggie, as Gimple explained that fans will learn about her pregnancy complications next season.

The rest is speculation, but the report did debunk one popular theory that’s lingered all season. Many people suspect that Daryl was the one killed by Negan, citing the new AMC reality series Ride with Norman Reedus, but ComicBook.com noted that this doesn’t conflict with the shooting for The Walking Dead.

But Walking Dead fans who want to find out if the spoilers are true will have a long wait. Those close to the show aren’t giving anything away, meaning fans will just have to wait until October to find out if all the online sleuthing is correct.

[Image via AMC]