Sean Penn, Demi Lovato On Board for ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Due Out In May – Rovio Hopes To Earn Back Some Losses From Film

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a new Angry Birds movie due out in May and the cast list just got beefed up in a major way. Sean Penn announced on Wednesday through an Entertainment Tonight exclusive that he will be joining the animated feature. This news came just days after learning that Demi Lovato will also be part of The Angry Birds Movie with what might be the “song of the summer” on the official soundtrack.

Sean Penn will be voicing the character of Terence, a big red bird who “only grunts and growls.” A clip of Penn working on his new character was made available. In the clip, Terence meets up with other birds, Red and Bomb, played by Jason Sudeikis and Danny McBride. They are taking an anger management class taught by another big name. Matilda, the mediator in Angry Birds is played by Maya Rudolph.

This isn’t the only project for Sean Penn, who recently made waves and headlines after a Rolling Stone interview that he conducted with the infamous Mexican drug lord El Chapo. It was soon after the controversial interview that El Chapo was captured, leading some to suspect that his involvement in the interview with Penn may have tipped off police about his whereabouts.

Next up for Penn will be The Last Face, an African drama with Charlize Theron that began prior to their break up. Rumors of a few tense moments during the reshoots for the highly anticipated film circulated in July 2015. He’s also working on a mini-series called American Lions, due out in 2017.

Penn isn’t the only big-name recently signed on with the Angry Birds movie. Demi Lovato also revealed just days ago that she’s on board with the new summer animated flick. Demi tweeted that she will be adding a song to The Angry Birds Movie soundtrack. Lovato wrote, “Excited to announce I’m singing a song for #AngryBirdsMovie! Can’t wait for u to hear it and see the movie in May.”

Demi Lovato isn’t the only big musician on board either. According to Billboard, producer John Cohen announced that Charlie XCX would also be featured in the movie as the voice of Willow. Blake Shelton will also be joining them as the voice of one of the pigs.

With just one month to go before The Angry Birds Movie is released, Rovio reported that they are in the hole by about 13 million euros. The Finnish firm didn’t meet their budget goals in 2015, missing their revenue target and bringing in 142 million euros. Rovio is hoping that 2016 will be much better, especially with the release of their film. “It has long been our dream to take Angry Birds to the big screen,” said Rovio Animation Company chairman Mikael Hed. “I am so proud of the movie. It has a great, funny story, brought to life by an amazing cast accompanied by gorgeous animation and music. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

“As expected, 2015 was a challenging year for Rovio partly due to heavy investments in our future success,” said chief executive Kati Levoranta. “However, we have managed to improve our efficiency and turn around the company. This year’s first quarter is already profitable and the outlook for the rest of the year is positive.” The Angry Birds Movie is expected to do very well, changing the direction of Rovio in the past year. Given the star-studded cast and the appeal to both children and adults, it just might be everything fans are hoping for.

[Image via YouTube]