Kris Jenner Reportedly Not Happy Rob Kardashian Is Engaged To Blac Chyna

Kris Jenner is allegedly not happy about the Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna engagement, but she’s keeping quiet about it. Us Weekly reports that the Kardashian matriarch is not pleased that her only son is marrying the former stripper.

According to Us Weekly, an insider source informed them that Kris told her son he was “making a mistake” and moving too fast in his relationship with Chyna.

“Kris is not happy,” the insider told Us Weekly. “But she will say she is.”

Blac Chyna, the bride to be, broke the news on Instagram on Tuesday, April 5. First she posted a photo of her and Rob in a car where she’s lovingly touching his face with one hand and showing off her diamond engagement ring on the other hand. The caption under this photo is just “YES!”

The photo sent social media into a tizzy with many people wondering if Rob and Chyna were really engaged.

“I’m so blessed and honored to have good man in my life,” Chyna wrote on Instagram under a video of a sparkling diamond ring. “I love you @robkardashian! #7carats #VVS @benballer.”

Blac Chyna’s best friend, Amber Rose, soon confirmed the news with an Instagram post of the happy couple.

“Congratulations to my Family @blacchyna and @robkardashian!!!” Rose said in the caption of the photo. “Please don’t let nothing or no one tear u guys apart! I never seen my sis so happy and I couldn’t be more happy for her! Sometimes we find love in the strangest places???? Lol God Bless you 2! Now let’s get this wedding together so y’all can start making some babies???????????????????????????????? #TrueLove #putaringonitsouknowitsreal #BlacRob.”

Confirmation also came in from Rob Kardashian’s jeweler Ben Baller. Us Weekly reports that Rob designed the stunning engagement ring via Baller.

“Rob, I have never seen you this happy before and I’ve known you since you were a teenager,” Baller wrote on Instagram. “I’m glad you came to your day 1 homie to get this massive???? for your lady. You know I don’t play when it comes to diamonds. God bless.”

According to E! Online, Ben also confirmed that Blac Chyna loves the ring.

“She was really going crazy over the ring. She loves it. $325,000 is pretty close to what he paid, but it could have been a lot more because of the clarity. It’s hard to manipulate that kind of radiance on a diamond,” Ben said to E! News on Wednesday. He also said that Rob “paid for it himself” and contacted Baller about a week ago to get it designed.

While the congratulations have come in fast from Rob Kardashian’s friends, his sisters and Kris Jenner have been noticeably silent. The Kardashian family are currently on a retreat in Colorado, according to Us Weekly, and one wonders if that was planned or whether the Kardashians are regrouping after Rob dropped the engagement bombshell.

Although there have been rumors that the Kardashians do not like the Rob and Blac Chyna relationship, it obviously isn’t bothering Rob in the least. Chyna is making him happy and healthy, insiders say.

“Chyna makes him feel secure. His spirits have been lifted,” a source previously confided to Us Weekly when news of their relationship first broke. “His confidence was shattered for so long, so to have this banging girl all over him has given him a new lease on life,” another insider confirmed.

E! Online reports that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna celebrated at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles with Chyna’s mother. Chyna had been paid to host that night before Rob popped the question.

There’s no word yet on when Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are ready to set a wedding date, but at the rate they’re going, there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing about it soon.

[Photo via Instagram]