‘The Walking Dead’ Savior Steven Ogg Has No Idea Who Negan Killed [Video]

The actor playing Negan’s chief henchman/spokesman in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale claims that he has no clue who his villainous TV boss “lucilled” in the final scene that was left as a cliffhanger, even though he was there when cameras were rolling.

The ambiguous ending which failed to reveal which of the regular cast members got killed off by the leader of the Saviors, and outraged many fanboys and girls, was the Internet’s worst-kept secret when speculation about it spread like wildfire on social media in the weeks before the season-ending episode aired on AMC.

As TWD viewers know, the Saviors are an extortion-and-murder cult that has established mafia-like rule in the zombie apocalypse.

Actor Steven Ogg, who portrays the vocal Savior baddie with the receding hairline and the mustache, showed up at the first roadblock and was also in the final, nighttime sequence when Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) made his menacing appearance along with his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat nicknamed Lucille.

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In the episode, Ogg’s character and several other Saviors were torturing a dude who “broke the rules” when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his core group of survivors showed up in their RV.

As you may recall, Ogg and Lincoln had an ominous exchange of dialogue there about which one of them might be experiencing their last day on Earth, which was also the name of the episode.

Steven Ogg, 42, is perhaps best known as the voice of Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V. Coincidentally, Trevor also uses a baseball bat as a weapon of choice in the video game.


The ubiquitous TMZ cameras caught up with Ogg on the street, where he was asked who got killed in The Walking Dead finale. In the clip embedded below, he claimed to be in the dark about the culmination of the night shoot in Georgia, however.

“I absolutely have zero idea, honestly…literally, I don’t know. It was like, ‘we’re wrapped, Bye.'”

The word choice “absolutely,” “honestly,” and “literally” could be a collective tell, but you can draw your own conclusions.

“Wearing a baseball cap, hoodie and a jacket over a green T-shirt, Ogg blended in with the [store] fronts and advertisements on the busy boulevard,” the Daily Mail noted.

About the possibility of no one being beaten to death by Negan, Steven Ogg was equally noncommittal, declaring that “I would imagine that anything could happen.”


When asked if the audience should be scared of Negan, the actor replied, “I would imagine so. He seems that he is sort of the leader of a rather nefarious group of people, so I would be a little dubious of Negan myself…he’s a bit nuts, I believe.”

“Steven Ogg — who plays the main Savior on the show — swears ignorance. The question… do you believe him?…The Internet’s leading theory…nobody knows who died because showrunners haven’t decided. If true, they would have shot multiple endings,” TMZ added.

It’s also possible that the actual big reveal hasn’t been filmed at all yet. Production on Season 7 is reportedly scheduled to begin next month, and details may start to leak out over the spring and summer.


The victim of Negan’s fatal beatdown may not be identified in the first new episode in October either, however. The Walking Dead could meander off into flashbacks or separate storylines before disclosing who Negan clubbed to death as punishment for Rick’s people killing too many of Negan’s people, as the leader of the Saviors succinctly explained.

Parenthetically, Ogg, a Canadian, is far from the only non-American actor who plays a southerner on The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James (Morgan) are from the U.K., as was “the governor” (David Morrissey). Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has dual British and American citizenship. The role of newcomer “Jesus” went to British actor Tom Payne.


According to Deadline Hollywood, The Walking Dead Season 6 finale lost some rating points.

“With total viewership of 14.2 million and 8.8 million watching among adults 18-49, the zombie apocalypse series’ April 3 season ender was down double digits from the all-time finale high of last year’s Season 5 ender…Among total viewers, Sunday’s 90-minute Last Day On Earth episode declined just more than 10% from the March 29, 2015 Conquer episode, which was also around 90 minutes long…”

It’s unclear what caused this shortfall, but the fact that the characters made several bad and illogical decisions, which apparently were essential to the narrative as the showrunners conceived it, may not have helped viewer loyalty.

For example, given that protecting the Alexandria safe zone is and should be the number one priority, the idea of sending the best ASZ fighters/protectors on search-and-rescue missions makes no sense. Also, why in the world would you allow the only Alexandria resident with medical training to go on a dangerous supply run?

As a direct result of the demise of Dr. Denise, Team Rick was forced to make the perilous run to Hilltop with the ailing Maggie, which ultimately drove them into the arms of Negan.

You could also argue that Rick’s decision in the first place to unleash a bloody sneak attack on Negan’s outpost, without knowing the full ramifications and the deadly ripple effect, was similarly flawed.

That being said, how did Negan’s men know which roads to cover in their pursuit of Rick’s team, and who is guarding Negan’s compound when so many of his thugs were on hand for the Lucille moonlight and headlight ceremony?

Apart from the plot holes, who do you think Negan killed in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale and do you believe that the cast — such as Steven Ogg — and crew still don’t know?

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