Nyle DiMarco Is Ready To Rock A Loincloth For ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Disney Week

Nyle DiMarco has already sent Bruno Tonioli into hysterics by flashing his six pack, so the Dancing with the Stars judge might need a medic on hand for next Monday’s show. Nyle is going to be playing the role of Tarzan for his Samba, so it’s highly likely that he’ll be wearing a loincloth during his “Dancing with the Tarz” performance.

According to Wetpaint, Nyle DiMarco recently revealed that he’s the new face of 2(X)IST underwear. The America’s Next Top Model winner shared the news on social media, and he also posted a few pictures from a recent photoshoot for the brand. In one of his Instagram captions, Nyle revealed that his next Dancing with the Stars performance will be inspired by the animated Tarzan movie. PureDWTS reports that he and pro partner Peta Murgatroyd are going to dance a Samba to one of the songs from the movie’s soundtrack.

Disney Week is coming up on DWTS, so all of the celebrity dancers will be dressed up like beloved characters from the House of Mouse. Since Nyle DiMarco is going to be Tarzan, Peta Murgatroyd is presumably going to play the King of the Jungle’s queen, Jane Porter. Tarzan and Jane’s story is perfect for Nyle and Peta because it mirrors what they went through when they first started working together — Nyle is deaf, so he and Peta have had to overcome a pretty huge language barrier, and because Tarzan, an adopted son of a gorilla, had never encountered another human being before he met Jane, the two struggled to find a way to communicate with one another.

There’s no word on which Tarzan song Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd will be dancing to for Disney Week, but it’s probably going to be a Phil Collins tune — he composed all of the songs for the Tarzan movie soundtrack. This means that next Monday will be the second time that viewers get to hear one of Collins’ songs during Season 22. Last week, Denver Broncos Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and Witney Carson performed a contemporary routine to “In the Air Tonight,” which is Von’s favorite pregame pump-up song. The song “Strangers Like Me” might make an excellent choice for Nyle and Peta because a few of its lyrics describe what it’s like to learn how to dance.

“Whatever you do, I’ll do it too / Show me everything and tell me how / It all means something / And yet nothing to me / I can see there’s so much to learn.”

This won’t be the first time a Dancing with the Stars contestant has performed as Tarzan, but Nyle DiMarco’s King of the Jungle costume will likely be much skimpier than the one that NASCAR star Michael Waltrip sported during Season 19 of the show. As you can see, the 52-year-old decided to wear his animal-print loin cloth over a pair of brown slacks, and he also opted to keep his chest covered.

According to ABC7 KABC-TV, Michael Waltrip and pro partner Emma Slater performed a Foxtrot to the Tarzan soundtrack song “You’ll be in my Heart.” However, it was Dynamic Duos Week, not Disney Week.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd topped the Dancing with the Stars leaderboard last week with a score of 25 out of 30, and, thanks to Nyle’s biggest fan, they also earned the honor of scoring the first 9 of the season. Bruno Tonioli bizarrely compared his favorite to a Six Flags ride that’s always packed, and Carrie Ann Inaba said that Nyle was “better than Superman.” As People reports, Nyle chose to relive the year he decided to travel around the world without an interpreter for last Monday’s My Most Memorable Year performance. By going globetrotting, Nyle proved that he’s actually a little more adventurous than Tarzan — the Disney character refused to leave the only home that he’d ever known to explore a new world with Jane.

Are you happy that Nyle DiMarco is going to transform from Superman into Tarzan for Disney Week on Dancing with the Stars, or were you hoping that he would portray a different character from the House Of Mouse?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]