Organizers Upset When Wrong Type Of Condom Found At Olympic Village

Illicit condoms found in olympic village

The Olympic games bring together the most talented, fit and, some might say, attractive human beings on this planet and throws them together into a condensed space, so as you can imagine, there’s a high demand for condoms.

As Hope Solo and others have pointed out, after an athlete competes in the arena, it becomes time to get their game on elsewhere. Toward that end, all Olympic organizers since 1992 have provided condoms. Fox News reports London organizers provided the village with 150,000 Durex brand condoms. To put that in perspective, with 10,000 competitors at the games, that’s enough for each athlete to get faster, higher, stronger 15 times apiece.

But as Reuters reports, London organizers are investigating how a bucket of unauthorized condoms made their way into the village. The illicit condoms apparently came from Ansell Ltd., an Australian company, and Pasante, a private British firm. The bucket was adorned with a sign that read, “Kangaroos condoms, for the gland downunder,” and included an image of a boxing kangaroo.

Australian BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan tweeted the photo of the non-official condoms with the message “Haha, the rumors are true. Olympic village.”

A LOCOG spokesman said they were trying to find out who distributed the so-called Kangaroo condoms. Athletes are permitted to bring their own condoms, but how a bunch of non-official condoms found their way into the village is a mystery.

“We will look into this and ask that they are not handed out to other athletes because Durex are our supplier,” the spokeswoman said.

Both Ansell Ltd. and Pasante denied any involvement, though the latter did have something to say.

“We have no association with the Olympics but we did launch a gold condom this year for champions,” said Lawrence Boon, managing director of Pasante.