Trevor Noah Airs Dirty Clip Of Donald Trump From The Past On ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah found an old clip of Donald Trump from the past. Raw Story has the news.

“Donald Trump has made offensive remarks about nearly every demographic group, but Trevor Noah said the Republican presidential candidate has saved his most ‘d**kish’ remarks for women. The ‘Daily Show’ host showed a rare, two-decade-old TV clip that shows Trump talking about his then-infant daughter developing breasts, which Noah said proved there’s no woman too small for the GOP candidate to objectify.”

“Trump’s misogyny easily predates the election. In fact, it’s pretty much his only consistent belief,” Noah added.

Donald Trump Misogyny Trevor Noah rips on Donald Trump’s misogyny. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]The article indicates that Trevor then showed a recent ad featuring women reading some of Trump’s rude comments about various women, who Trump refers to as “fat pigs” or “bimbos” and even imagines them performing sex acts. The ad features a quote in which Trump says that women should be treated like “s**t. Noah’s portrayal of Donald Trump in this episode of The Daily Show is, perhaps, his most stinging ever since beginning to host the Comedy Central show last fall.

Trevor Noah’s airing of the clip containing Trump talking about his then-infant daughter caused quite a stir on Twitter.


Perhaps Trevor Noah went the extra mile after Variety published a very negative article about The Daily Show, claiming the show lost its teeth under Noah’s guidance.

“Under the leadership of new host Trevor Noah, ‘The Daily Show’ seems to have lost its way — but in the most amiable manner possible. Ever since Noah took over six months ago, the show has assumed an air of easygoing chill. It’s not that he doesn’t tell reasonably good jokes now and then, but few, if any, are aimed at the jugular. And he rarely loses his expression of gentle bemusement,” says columnist Maureen Ryan.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show' Maureen Ryan is just the latest critic to slam Trevor Noah. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]The article adds that Noah hasn’t shown the “bite” that The Daily Show needs, especially given America’s current political season. Ryan claims that Noah hurts the show by treating his opening news round-up as if it were a stand-up set at a comedy club. Ryan says Noah’s jokes are groan-worthy, and nothing he does is more substantial than his dimpled grin.

Some commenters defend Trevor Noah after the article.

“I couldn’t disagree with you more. I love the Daily Show! I enjoyed John and I thoroughly enjoy Trevor. He has stepped into some pretty big shoes to fill, he has done an outstanding job!” says PB.

“I think of Trevor Noah as competition for Colbert and Fallon rather than as Jon Stewart’s successor. I really like Noah’s very dry sense of humor and his low-key delivery, as well as his international perspective,” claims Nuria.

However, there are also a number of comments slamming Trevor Noah’s job as The Daily Show host.

“Sorry, although he’s a nice guy, Trevor Noah simply isn’t very funny. He reads stuff off a teleprompter and has a poor sense of comedic timing. As a recently-arrived immigrant, has a weak inherent grasp of American sympathies, styles and humor,” states Raoul Duke.

It appears that although a lot of people like Trevor Noah as a person, they don’t like him as the host of The Daily Show. What is your opinion on Trevor Noah’s hosting job? Let us know in the comments section.

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